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We help frontline workers to maximize their productivity and to make their work more attractive.

More than 150 enterprises around the globe already trust Ubimax Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality Solutions. Most of them are achieving an astonishing 35% or more in productivity improvements. Join them now and start to wear IT at work!

Ubimax is the global Market Leader for Enterprise Wearables and Augmented Reality Solutions, with a robust partner base and suite of offerings spanning end-to-end.

Eric Abbruzzese, Principal Analyst at ABI Research
Introducing Ubimax

Ubimax Frontline

Ubimax Frontline is a fully integrated Productivity Solution Suite. It improves work efficiency and simplifies processes for 80% of today’s workforce – those who work outside of the office and away from desks.

More than 150 Customers

22% faster
100% Satisfied Workers
99.9% Accuracy
Standard Equipment
2 Weeks Ramp-Up
3 Years Live
More Worker Safety

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