Ubimax Frontline

Today, an astounding 80% of the world’s workforce works deskfree. These workers are the most important employees of any enterprise since they are where the rubber meets the road. Increasing their productivity creates a massive potential…

Ubimax Frontline sets out to revolutionize the daily work of the deskless workforce in the same way Microsoft Office has done it for office workers. As the world’s first and fully integrated Productivity Solutions Suite for the frontline worker, Ubimax Frontline creates a truly connected workforce that is more productive and enjoys highly attractive jobs.

Ubimax Frontline consists of four core solutions: xPick, xMake, xInspect, and xAssist. It is fully optimized for Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality and offers a hands-free work experience.

Ubimax Frontline is much more than just a bundle of separate market leading solutions, it provides game-changing benefits which standalone solutions would never achieve:

Frontline worker can easily switch between tasks over the course of a day and do job rotation
Frontline workers enjoy the same look and feel and interaction paradigms throughout all solutions
All frontline process workflows can be managed on the same central portal
Supervisors can easily control and manage multiple work areas and teams on one central portal
Reports and analytics span multiple areas and improve optimization capabilities cross enterprise
Only one IT system needs to be operated and serviced by IT departments

Innovative Software Features

Ubimax Frontline provides a powerful and unique set of standard features and add-ons. No matter which capabilities are needed by your workforce to perform better, all of them can easily be accessed from either the Ubimax Frontline Server Portal or the Wearable.

Device Management

Management of all your different Wearables for workers made simple.

User Management

Management of all your Ubimax Frontline users with a single console.

Workforce Management

Communication with your frontline workforce from any place in real time.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitoring of all work being executed by your frontline workers with simple tools.

System Integration

Integration with your existing backend systems made fast and with minimal effort.

Workflow Engine

Visualization of information always in line with your frontline workers needs.

Output Rendering

Visualization of information always in line with your frontline workers needs.

Input Recognition

Interaction with all Ubimax Frontline Wearables made simple.

Live Video Calls

Communication between Ubimax Frontline users whenever needed.

Image Recognition

Identification of your objects just by the power of sensors.

Sensor Integration & IoT

Integration of Ubimax Frontline with your smart factory and IoT devices.

Augmented Reality & Tracking

Visualization of AR content within your work processes made simple.

Localization & Navigation

Navigation and Positioning for your frontline worker to never get lost.

Confirmation Technology

Selection of work step confirmation technologies that you need.


Transformation of work activities into instant documentation with zero touch.

Modern Hardware

As Value Added Reseller, we are offering a variety of different Smart Glasses and other Wearables. As single point of contact, we ensure end-to-end support, maintenance, and warranty handling for all your solution packages

We offer business and technology consulting to help enterprises identifying the most promising scenarios and value-add for introducing Wearables and Augmented Reality into their work processes. As a first step to experience the power of Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality, , enterprises get the opportunity to try out live different Smart Glasses, Smart Watches, and other Wearables together with a variety of demos in our special Experience Workshops.

We offer configuration and software development services for Ubimax Frontline solutions and the underlying technology platform. Based on the specific requirements, we either configure one of our existing solutions or implement a customer specific application using components and features from our Wearable Computing platform.

We develop pilot applications as well as show-case demonstrators. After a successful pilot phase, we support customers during the roll-out of their Wearable Computing solutions to the production environment. We or one of our associated research partners may assist in conducting formal studies to analyze performance data and user acceptance of a pilot or demo system.

For our customers’ productive installations and pilots we provide a help desk and technical support with individual Service-Level-Agreement plans to ensure customer success. Thanks to the remote support capability of all our solutions, we also provide remote maintenance and remote solution update services to reduce onsite service time and cost for our customers.