BMW 2019

World Class After-Sales Service at BMW North America

With the help of remote assistance BMW NA is facilitating communication between mechanics and experts as well as reducing waiting times for their customers simultaneously.

Initial Situation

BMW of North America and MINI dealers have an excellent track record of servicing customers in the best possible way. Service quality is a very important aspect of BMW’s strategy and the customer churn rate depends especially on the experiences made at service points. Customers expect competent and fast service even for the most complex repair cases.

This is a great example of how we are applying new technologies to help our technicians work more efficiently and further our commitment to offer the best possible service experience for BMW customers. By solving issues faster, BMW dealers can get customers back into their cars sooner.

Claus Eberhardt, VP Aftersales, BMW of North America

Business Challenge

The nearly 400 independent North American BMW and MINI dealerships are spread all over the US, which makes it challenging to get specialist knowledge anytime anywhere. Despite being very well trained, service technicians, in difficult repair situations may require additional help and need to pause their current task until they receive support. This puts a significant burden on the technical support engineers, who need to travel to the individual dealerships to provide the necessary assistance. In these cases, customers are left without their car and may require dealers to provide a replacement vehicle. At the same time the technical support engineers waste lots of time on the road, that could be used in helping their colleagues with their expertise.

Ubimax Solution

Taking knowledge sharing to the next level BMW deployed Ubimax xAssist for enhanced hands-free collaboration. Using what BMW calls “TSARA Vision” all 347 US dealers have access to bi-directional video calls to immediately connect with experts in 1-on-1 or group calls. During these calls, experts can share (technical) documents, guide with live annotations, snap pictures, record videos or highlight elements using augmented reality. The visual insights are equally insightful for the expert as the graphical guidance is for the technician. And all the information is automatically documented on-the-job for later reference in the call log. The system was announced at BMW NA’s National After-Sales conference in Las Vegas and rolled out afterward in less than 3 months.

Convincing Benefits
This is a good example of how after-sales heavy enterprises, like BMW, today gain a significant competitive advantage by utilizing augmented reality. With the right knowledge at the technician’s fingertips, even difficult repairs are completed quickly without flaws. This not only increases customer satisfaction but is also very satisfying to the technician, who regularly receives on-the-job training by the best experts. For the dealerships, this will result in additional business and the capability to deliver a well prepared and highly efficient service.

Exceed Expectations

  • Convince customers with fast case resolution and no compromises on quality
  • Consistently deliver on the promise of first-time-right repairs
  • Offer service levels and quality competition cannot keep up with

Take on more business

  • Significantly increase throughput with reduced maintenance duration
  • Improve equipment and yard utilization by completing tasks in one go
  • Discover and document best practices on-the-job, instead of investing in expensive abstract specialty training

Attract and retain talent

  • Improve communication between technicians and manufacturers
  • Help technicians to take on difficult repairs and still deliver flawless quality
  • Experts now virtually help colleagues while enjoying a better work-life balance

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