Higher picking quality at KONI

KONI improves their accuracy to 99,9% with Ubimax's vision picking solution xPick.

Initial Situation

As a global manufacturer of high performance hydraulic shock absorbers, KONI provides solutions for consumer automotive, railway, defense and industrial applications. Since 1972, KONI is part of the global engineering and manufacturing company ITT.

Producing over 1 million shock absorbers per year, KONI production lines needed to be supplied with high efficiency. Paper-based picking processes or wireless terminals often lead to inflexible, imprecise picking procedures and thus material stocking on the shop floor, taking up precious time and compromising on supplying accuracy to the production line. Ready to optimize picking performance, KONI entered the race for innovation with Ubimax.

Business Challenge

As KONI’s previous picking methods needed improvement in both efficiency and accuracy in supplying to the assembly line, internal logistics to the shop floor were at the center of innovation.

Being a vital part within this fast paced environment, process speed and error rates needed to be focused on. Going hand in hand, the ergonomic factor had to further be considered, allowing entirely flexible, hands-free picking performance on shop floor.

To exploit our efficiency potential to the fullest, the Frontline solution xPick was the perfect fit for us. Together with Ubimax, we exceeded our set objectives for the internal logistics to the shop floor!

Erik Bleeker, KONI Projektleiter

Ubimax Solution

Within one week of on-site implementation in Spring 2017, multiple xPick workflows were fully integrated into KONI’s local AS 400 WMS via REST based interface. Workers were equipped with Google Glasses Enteprise Edition combined with KOAMTAC Scanners, introducing a game changing shop floor replenishment solution.

Through the intuitive graphical User Interface of the Glasses, workers finally received all relevant information right in line of sight, ensuring ergonomic Just-in-Time and Just-in Sequence operations. Combined with the glove mounted KOAMTAC Scanner for barcode scanning, both hands remained free for operations along the process chain, which is an outstanding benefit when handling over 1800 small parts each day.

Read more in the KONI Press release

Convincing Benefits
Using the xPick solution, order pickers are now provided with real-time stock information right where they need them – in front of their eyes. Real time location information and instant error detection resulted in an overall speed increase of incredible 1600% while the supply accuracy to the assembly line reached 99,9%. Improvement of ergonomics by working hands-free is a further convincing outcome, enhancing overall process reliability. Through the optimized picking process, operators can instantly start assembling with the right material, achieving an efficiency increase of 20%. Considering the positive impact the productive pilot project already has on internal logistics at KONI, they have decided to scale up and equip more order pickers with the Ubimax frontline solution to keep meeting their high quality standards.

1.600% faster

99,9% accuracy

Both hands free

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