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Vision Picking improves order picking at Penny Market Romania

PENNY MARKET Romania discovers potential of smart glasses with Ubimax's vision picking solution xPick

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Initial Situation

PENNY MARKET Romania is part of the REWE Group, which employs over 330,000 people in 19 countries. With more than 200 Romanian stores and 4,000 employees PENNY MARKET Romania is one of the leading and well established retailers. In 2017 it is planned to grow even further by opening up to 25 new stores. Being the innovation leader has always been an integral part of the company’s strategy. This allows PENNY to always be one step ahead of competition by delivering a truly exceptional customer experience and offer superior work conditions. PENNY’s local logistics is fueled by three main logistics centers across the country, of which Stefanestii is the biggest and most important one. So it is not surprising that Stefanestii was chosen as the first location for a vision-picking pilot.

Business Challenge

PENNY very actively investigates innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction and work experience of their employees. Therefore it is no surprise that the picking process is highly standardized and well supported end-to-end with technology using arm-mounted tablets with integrated finger scanners. PENNY now wants to take this mature technology support to the next level utilizing Smart Glasses / Augmented Reality. The target is to further boost picking performance, while offering workers even more intuitive user interfaces and interaction methods. The ambition is to not only increase the top line performance of well trained workers, but also significantly shorten the training period of new pickers. This is especially important as PENNY intends to continue to its rapid growth and therefore is faced with the challenges to constantly attract the best talents and to efficiently onboard them as new workers.

It was great to experience that for Ubimax, solving our challenges is in focus. Ubimax worked very closely with us to customize xPick to exactly meet our needs.

Andrei Paul, IT Manager, PENNY MARKET Romania & Torsten Froese, Project Lead REWE GROUP

Ubimax Solution

Ubimax worked very closely together with PENNY and the Warehouse Management System provider to optimally customize xPick, ensuring an optimal integration, which is future-proof in terms of being transferrable to other locations. Optimal preparation by all participants allowed for a fast onsite roll-out within only 7 days. During this onsite time Ubimax rolled out the hands-free Vision Picking solution xPick and trained workers and supervisors on the system. During the pilot, PENNY will use both Glass Enterprise Edition and Vuzix devices, evaluating which hardware performs best in their picking environment. In total 10 devices are part of this PoC.

Überzeugende Vorteile
Initial results of the pilot already confirm the potential of this emerging technology. The workers were able to immediately pick up on the new solution. Almost no training and guidance was required for them to get started. The involved pickers especially emphasized the benefits of the intuitive user interface, which allows them to visually grasp the essential information. Using voice as an ergonomic feedback channel keeps their hands free to do the actual work. This seamless technology experience helps to prevent errors before they occur and will be even more important for onboarding new pickers. As PENNY’s backend infrastructure (especially the Warehouse Management System) is highly standardized, it will be easy to scale vision picking to further locations.

Fast ramp-up

Intuitive user interface

Improved ergonomics

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