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Efficient remote assistance with xAssist

Initial Situation

As a specialist for lightweight metal components and subsystems, the Progress-Werk Oberkirch (PWO) operates as a global development and production partner in the automotive industry. Effective communication is a key success factor for smooth error analysis in case of malfunctions. A particular challenge occurs when the advisory experts are physically separated from the workers at the site, for example when working abroad. Problems then are described via telephone and pictures of the problem are taken with a smartphone. These images are then forwarded to experts via mail to identify a solution for the matter. PWO approached Ubimax in order to dismantle the communication barriers between workers and experts and to facilitate problem identification.

Business Challenge

For errors to be directly rectified without expert intervention on site, more efficient communication between worker and expert must take place. Thus, the clear identification of problems and the passing on of targeted proposals for solutions are in the foreground. Also, time and cost factors that result from the experts’ travels to the site are relevant. In order to improve communication efficiency and reduce time efforts and costs, problem-solving expertise must be accessible regardless of the worker’s and expert’s location. In addition, the worker should have both hands free to carry out repairs at the same time as defining the problem.

Ubimax Solution

With xAssist, Ubimax Frontline offers a software that provides an innovative solution for remote maintenance using smart glasses. Via video transmission, the remote expert sees exactly what the worker sees on site. This allows him to better understand the overall context and provide specific troubleshooting instructions. The live support through smart glasses enables the worker to start repairing simultaneously with guided assistance, thus minimizing further problems.

Convincing Benefits
By using xAssist in combination with Vuzix M300 smart glasses, costly and time-consuming downtimes can be avoided at PWO. Having both hands free, workers can act in parallel to provided assistance by external experts. PWO now can identify and resolve problems more quickly. Due to the connection to the server, PWO can document errors and consider them to be included in future maintenance plans. From the employees’ point of view, the use of smart glasses simplifies problem-solving processes. In order to increase acceptance, appropriate training to become familiar with the new technology is recommended.

Reduced travel costs

Shorter downtimes

Increased productivity

Involved partners