Faster order picking with vision picking technology at Samsung

Samsung increased their order picking speed by 22% with Ubimax's vision picking solution xPick.

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Initial Situation

The Samsung Global Parts Center Europe warehouse is located in Breda, The Netherlands and is operated by Samsung SDS Smart Logistics without support of a 3rd party supplier. The main focus of the warehouse lies in European supply of spare parts. The warehouse is called a “Creativity Lab”, since it is the Samsung SDS Smart Logistics Europe location where innovative ideas are tested and implemented first. Conventional order picking of the high variety of small & big size Samsung spare parts was performed with handheld scanners which limited process performance, error rates and ergonomics. It was time to improve.

We teamed up with Ubimax which is the most mature and experienced partner in Vision Picking. In 2015, we started the pilot with 5 devices and now we are fully operational with 30 devices!

Robert van der Waal, Deputy President Samsung SDS

Business Challenge

‘Time is money’ so no surprise that one of the key objectives was to improve picking performance ,for both slow & fast moving items, by using a hands-free Vision Picking technology. At the same time the quality of the picking process needed to be improved by making the process more reliable and by reducing the error rate. Last but not least – the ergonomic factor was in scope and needed to be considered. The warehouse pickers need their hands to operate so the optimal solution should be hands-free.

Ubimax Solution

After only 6 weeks of development, Ubimax was able to deliver. Within 10 days of on-side deployment in Breda, Ubimax rolled out the hands-free Vision Picking solution xPick and trained workers and supervisors on the system. In Samsung’s case, the combination of different Wearables made the difference: Glass Enterprise Edition (with intuitive graphical User Interface of each individual shelf) were implemented together with Samsung Smartwatches (for quantity confirmation) & Socket Mobile Barcode Scanner (for barcode scanning). After the successful pilot project, xPick was immediately rolled out in the entire warehouse. Since the beginning of 2016, 30 Samsung SDS order pickers work with xPick daily.

Convincing Benefits
Introduction of the Ubimax’s hands-free Vision Picking solution xPick resulted in a significant performance increase for the picking process in the warehouse: Productivity has improved by 12% for slow moving items and by 22% for fast moving items. Besides that, the process quality improved by reducing the error rate by 10%. On top of that, xPick even allowed to significantly reduce training times – new pickers now just put on their device and start picking. In that sense it is self explanatory and thus user friendly. Today, xPick is connected with the Samsung Cello WMS system which will help to scale the solution to other Samsung SDS locations around the globe.

22% higher speed

10% fewer errors

100% satisfied workers

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