Accurate Vision Picking at Syncreon

At syncreon the order picking process became faster and more flexible with xPick.

Initial Situation

syncreon is the leading specialized contract logistics company headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The company operates in over 20 countries, with more than 100 facilities, and approximately 13,000 employees. In one of syncreon’s EMEA locations, their operational focus is on picking a variety of products for their global technology customers using traditional methods. Seeking tangible innovation, syncreon teamed up with Ubimax.

Business Challenge

Significant package volumes called for significant innovation. At syncreon, it is vital to maintain a mobile, flexible warehouse work environment. One of the project objectives was to evaluate vision picking technology to provide hands-free activity, improve overall performance, and increase worker satisfaction! syncreon is globally recognized for delivering the highest quality service levels, process reliability, and efficiency for their customers. They understand that time wasted is time lost.

At syncreon’s Global Solutions & Innovation team we are constantly evaluating industry relevant innovations in search of improved customer satisfaction through operational performance, quality and lower total cost. Wearable device solutions is one such area of focus and we are very encouraged by the initial results of our collaborative proof of concept with Ubimax.

Julian Mordaunt, Chief Information & Solutions Officer, syncreon

Ubimax Solution

syncreon was the first client to implement the Ubimax standard xPick interface. In only three days of on-site implementation Ubimax rolled out the Vision Picking solution and trained the operators. During the three week pilot program, 3,000 units were picked from more than 900 warehouse locations. This pilot program included syncreon operators, IT, production managers, trainers, quality engineers, and process engineers. For an individual device evaluation, Ubimax provided the Glass Enterprise Edition and the Vuzix M300 Smart Glass combined with Symbol Ring Scanner or Socket Mobile Scanner. The graphical User Interfaces of both Smart Glasses provided an intuitive display of relevant information for incoming orders. Supported by the scanner, hands-free flexible order picking was finally possible!

Convincing Benefits
Workers feedback on the new picking solution was extremely positive. Workers immediately noticed great ergonomic benefits provided by xPick. Step-by-step guidelines projected within the Smart Glasses are of great assistance. This, combined with hands-free picking was a serious game changer - resulting in an increased picking efficiency of 15%. Ubimax's intuitive user interface provides the order picker with only relevant information. The possibility of configuring orders in advance enables workers to increase picking performance and reducing error rates at the same time. With over 3,000 units successfully picked, syncreon is currently considering a production deployment at many of their EMEA sites. Further plans also include the evaluation of Ubimax's manufacturing support solution xMake.

Up to 15% faster

JIT task configuration

100% hands-free

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