Augmented Intelligence for the business world

Ubimax is the global market leader for augmented reality based enterprise wearable computing solutions. We help frontline workers to focus on what they are really good at: real-world physical tasks!


One-stop-shop for AR solutions

Ubimax provides an all-in-one solution to its customers – augmented reality software, wearable computing devices, consultancy, configuration, and deployment services as well as support.

Ubimax is the global market leader for enterprise wearable computing and augmented reality solutions. With offices in the USA, Mexico, and Germany as well as our strong partner network, we serve more than 200 companies around the world.

Wear IT at Work

What we believe in

Vision: Augmented Intelligence for the Industry

Our vision is the digital transformation and further development of the industrial working world through fully integrated augmented reality solutions and wearable computing.

Mission: Empower the Frontline Worker

We believe in the value and existence of man in industrial work processes. With our augmented reality solutions, we empower employees and support them to perform their tasks better and more ergonomically.

We Are ubimax

Our management

The paths of the Ubimax co-founders crossed more than 10 years ago. Ever since they have continued to work together to execute their vision. Our founding members are supported by the Ubimax management team which contribute with valuable experience in relevant fields.

"Ubimax will revolutionize the way we work with IT and maybe even how we live with IT tomorrow. That is why we work so hard to push the limits of AR and Wearables further every day."
Dr. Hendrik Witt


"We at Ubimax have both the vision and the engineering capabilities to bring real workforce innovation to our U.S. customers. I am really excited to further scale our solutions in the American market!"
Percy Stocker

President Ubimax Inc.

"An office worker without Microsoft Office or similar solutions? Almost impossible. Fast forward to 2025: A frontline worker without Ubimax Frontline or similar solutions? Almost impossible!"
Jan Junker


Axel is leading Ubimax's worldwide sales activities. In addition to that, the continuous expansion of Ubimax's partner network is one of his main tasks. His strengths are his broad technological knowledge, his ability to identify use cases for virtual technologies, and his talent to create solutions for an optimized operational and business result.
Axel Lechler


Diego holds a master's degree in Digital Media with a focus in wearable computing from the University of Bremen. As managing director, Diego leads Ubimax's expansion into the Latin American market. He has more than 10 years of experience in software and management.
Diego Sahagún

MD, Latin America

Henrik heads the development team as a specialist in the field of mobile and wearable computing. With a degree in computer science from the University of Bremen, Henrik is driving Ubimax's innovative edge. His more than 15 years of experience in the planning and implementation of extensive software solutions strengthened his management and customer handling skills.
Henrik Holle


After her tourism management studies and several years abroad, Janina worked for more than seven years in the area of assistance and administration. She has been working at Ubimax since 2016 and has been managing the administration team since 2018, including the coordination of the management office, procurement management and various human resources tasks.
Janina Schröder


As Innovation & Research Manager, Stefan continues to push Ubimax's pioneering role in the fields of wearable computing, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. He is responsible for technological innovation. Holding a PhD in physics, Stefan has extensive international experience in the scientific environment.
Dr. Stefan Baumgart

Innovation & Research

Anna-Christina Deluweit

Human Resources

Lennard has over 12 years of experience in the IT and Telecommunication industry with a focus on optimizing post-sales customer and partner experience. At Ubimax, he leads a team of project managers, project engineers and support engineers that is fully equipped to bring into practice the added value of Ubimax Frontline solutions to enterprises.
Lennard Buning

Solution Delivery

Carrying a degree in communication science, Leonid is responsible for Business Development at Ubimax. With an ever-growing customer base, Leonid concentrates on driving success for Ubimax's customers to secure the highest service-value possible. Due to his advocacy and strong empathy for Ubimax's customers he is the perfect fit to accelerate the company's growth.
Leonid Poliakov

Business Development

Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award
Award for the successful implementation of xInspect and xAssist together with Verizon
The Spark - German Digital Award
Award for Ubimax Frontline with the prestigious German Digital Prize from Handelsblatt and McKinsey
Bre3D Award
Sustainable and innovative implementation of 3D printing in practice with the in-house developed xBand
DHL Innovation Award
Award in the category "Most promising start-up in logistics"
Best Logistics Tech Solution Providers
Named as one of the ten best solution providers for technology in logistics
Innovator des Jahres
For the third time in a row "Innovator of the Year" and one of the 542 most innovative companies in Germany
Finalist German Innovation Award
Finalist as one of the three most innovative German start-ups, appointed by Accenture, Daimler and EnBW
Automotive & Logistics Award
Won in the category "Collaboration in Logistics" together with the long-standing customer Schnellecke Logistics
GABA Rising Stars Award
Recognition as a German-American start-up that contributes to innovation for a workplace of the future
Enterprise Mobility Summit Award
Ubimax Frontline awarded the gold certificate in the category "VR / Augmented Reality"
German Accelerator
Selected to join the German Accelerator Program to support innovative startups in North America
MHI Promat Innovation Award
Award for innovative products and services in the fields of manufacturing and supply chain
Innovator des Jahres
Award from the business magazine brand eins in the category "technology and telecommunications"
Auggie Award
Renowned award for the Ubimax platform in the highly competitive category "Best Enterprise Solution
Innovationspreis IT
Worldwide leading Pick-by-Vision solution xPick wins the special prize "Landessieger Bremen 2016"
AKJ Automotive elogistics Award
Winner in the category "Solutions for individual processes" for the use of xPick at DHL
SAP & Google Glass Challenge
Award for the successful integration of xPick and xAssist with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Google Glass

Our Partners

Leveraging our partner ecosystem for your success

Our strong partner network consists of technology, sales and research partners. Find out who we work with to provide first-class customer service!

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