Coronavirus Help Package: Ubimax provides free guest licenses for remote support calls worth over one million euros

Bremen, March 31, 2020

All users of the Ubimax Augmented Support 2.0 solution are provided with a large number of free ad hoc licenses. Non-licensed users can, therefore, be easily added to remote support calls. Ubimax thus offers its customers direct assistance in the current coronavirus crisis. A special Quick Start package with also increased ad hoc licenses also helps interested organizations to implement the remote support solution within a few days.

Augmented Support 2.0 (AS 2.0) customers of Ubimax now have access to a free extra contingent of ad hoc licenses for remote support calls. With these guest licenses, external participants can easily be invited to a video call via SMS or e-mail. Ubimax is making this option available free of charge to its customers from the healthcare industry and business to support them during the current coronavirus pandemic. The additional guest licenses allow customers to keep business processes running despite local and global travel restrictions by using remote support.

Each AS 2.0 customer receives a certain number of guest licenses according to his existing license package. Up to 240 are activated per customer. In total, the value of the free licenses that Ubimax makes available to its customers amounts to around one million euros. The free option can be redeemed until 30 April 2020. The guest licenses have a term of 12 months.

The current situation illustrates the increasing importance of the digital transformation of organizational processes. Ubimax’s remote support solutions can bypass the problems of travel restrictions and quarantine measures due to location-independent knowledge exchange. Especially in system-critical professions, advantages are now generated. For example, specialist doctors can be consulted live via videocall for diagnoses, in addition, a stable food supply can still be ensured thanks to rapid machine repairs in the food processing industry. Due to the current demand for directly deployable solutions, Ubimax is currently providing a Quick Start option for its AS 2.0 solution, which enables customers to use the remote support solution without high investments and within a few hours to react quickly to the current crisis.

Hendrik Witt, CEO of Ubimax, comments: “Our innovative solutions make real-time collaboration available at any time and help organizations to secure their processes now. With the free ad hoc licenses, we are making it clear that we will not abandon our customers and want to help them overcome this crisis”.

You can find more information about the special offer “AS 2.0 Quick Start” on the ESSERT Digital website: AS 2.0 Quick Start


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