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2015 Automobilbranche Europa

Die Daimler AG testet Augmented Reality Technologien in der Fertigung. In einem gemeinsamen Pilotprojekt konnte das Potential der Ubimax Lösung xMake für die Steigerung der Produktivität im Qualitätsmanagement des Unternehmens verdeutlicht werden. Ein Auszug aus dem The Wall Street Journal:

Smart glasses are turning up on assembly lines, too. Daimler has used Vuzix glasses for its quality-control inspections. Before, workers checking for defects on vehicles moving down the assembly line typically memorized their checklists or relied on paper instructions. Once they completed inspections, they filed reports on computers located just off the assembly line.

With smart glasses, they were able to view their checklists during their inspections, reducing the likelihood of missing an item or two because of a faulty memory. When a defect was discovered, the inspectors could immediately make a voice-recorded report, photograph the problem with their glasses and forward their report and photos to workers who correct the errors.

„By taking a photo or a video of [an error], they can much more precisely document where the issue is,“ says Jan Junker, co-founder of Ubimax GmbH in Germany, which supplied the quality-assurance software. Daimler continues to test smart glasses in other assembly work.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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