Ubimax supports 5G AR project of British Telekom and Belfast Harbour

October 24, 2019

Bremen, 24th October 2019: How do you make the benefits visible that 5G holds for the industry and the overall economy? Ubimax, British Telekom (BT), VRtuoso und Belfast Harbour have wanted to answer this question. Interesting use cases of 5G applications have now been presented in Belfast as part of the “Smart-Port” project. Augmented Reality solution provider Ubimax shows, how 5G supports companies in successfully deploying their xAssist remote support solution for smart glasses even in challenging locations, such as a harborr.

Remote support for maintenance, repair and overhaul

The potential industry and business advantages of 5G applications are tremendous: ranging from improved operational efficiency and productivity to fast and reliable knowledge transfers, increased employee satisfaction and engagement.

An operational scenario for 5G applications, having been introduced with Belfast Harbour, focusses on maintenance and servicing with remote support. The specific case involves remote support via video call with an expert, for example when servicing or repairing a crane. From his office, the expert can support the technician making the right decisions. Thanks to transmitting the technician’s field of view, problems can be immediately discussed and solved in better quality.

Solution specialist Ubimax, the world’s leading provider of augmented reality solutions for wearable computing in the industrial environment, has implemented the xAssist remote support solution, which has proven its productive usability already for BMW North America. Ubimax ensures a frictionless operation and equips the local personnel with smart glasses as well as the required applications. The workers’ smart glasses are connected to a 5G device which offers ultra-fast transmission speed and increases the reliability and quality for the information exchanges between technicians and experts even at impassable locations. Maintenance and repair work is simplified as information is delivered directly to the workers on site – when and where it is needed. The smart glasses with speech recognition are also suitable for use in dangerous environments, protecting health and safety. They allow workers to work with both hands and provide additional safety alerts.

A second use case shown by VRtuoso enables geographically dispersed teams to download virtual reality content from the cloud in real-time. This allows to combine real-time virtual presentations and training sessions. Only 5G offers the fast connectivity required for downloading the content and interaction with the results in real-time.

Dr. Hendrik Witt, CEO von Ubimax comments: “We are delighted to be chosen by BT and Belfast Harbour to be part of this innovative 5G project. Our xAssist remote maintenance solution not only supports frontline workers in their daily tasks, but also helps solve problems faster and significantly reduce downtime.”