Frontline Workplace MR - Create Mixed Reality workflows for Microsoft HoloLens 2

Ubimax, May 29, 2019

There are various scenarios where 3D holograms can improve work and training processes. Ubimax has already shown how to do it in many projects with Microsoft HoloLens in the past. Now, with Frontline Workplace MR, just in time for the introduction of the improved Microsoft HoloLens 2, there is full integration with Ubimax's software platform and the workflow authoring tool Frontline Creator.

Watch the video below to get a first glimpse on this new experience!

Enjoy these features and benefits:

Create Mixed Reality workflows with no IT knowledge: create new workflows as intuitive as it has always been

Reuse your existing workflows from Ubimax Frontline with no effort: Three-dimensional projects become feasible in a glimpse as 2D AR workflows are translated into 3D MR applications

Enjoy the full integration with Ubimax Frontline: Utilize existing powerful Ubimax Creator functionality in MR

PowerPoint to workflow: Import power point slide to create step-by-step workflows for worker guidance and inspection procedures or SOPs

Handsfree email: Write and send emails completely hands-free using voice commands and speech-to- text / dictation -functionality

Scale-up productivity with 3D holograms: Enhance your workflows with the 3D content and CAD files of the machines

Make a use of the integrated Microsoft Azure Services: Leverage the latest speech-to-text dictation technology and free your hands from typing

Access your existing content and documentation: enjoy the time saving re-use of existing content PDFs, videos or images, blueprints or large manuals

Visualize content on a high dimensions screen exactly where you want it to be: see content on a large screen either floating or pinned

Work with multiple screens and documents at a time: do not rely on one source at a time and save time using various files simultaneously

Intuitive design and user experience: easy and quick onboarding through quick training on the job / learn at work

Natural interaction: speeds up learning and understanding

Read the official presse release about Frontline Workplace MR.