Wearables in the Spotlight: dynaEdge DE-100 and dynaEdge AR100 Viewer

Friederike Truthe, March 14, 2018

As the world leading experts on wearable computing, it is a given that we are all about wearables. Therefore, wearables are in the limelight of this blog series! Regardless of the companies producing them, quality judgments, preferences, or else we want to shed a light on the devices that Ubimax’s customers are working with and optimize their businesses.

You can read it as our view on what is out there and for those of you who share our passion for Wearables this blog series is perfect! Every month, we will introduce one wearable, ranging from Smart Glasses and Smart Watches to confirmation devices.

This issue is all about new visions for business efficiency as Toshiba launches its very first smart glasses solution.

Toshiba dynaEdge DE-100 is a high-performance Windows 10-based mobile edge computing device that alongside the companion dynaEdge AR100 Viewer smart glasses is designed to bring hands-free wearable working to large enterprises. With a strong focus on frontline and field-based work, including manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance, dynaEdge DE-100 and the AR100 Viewer are set to improve efficiency, quality of performance and operating flexibility in a constantly evolving working environment.

Type of Device | mobile mini PC and monocular smart glasses
Year of release | 2018
Developer | Toshiba
Weight | 300g
What makes it stand out | full performance PC in pocket size, first Windows 10-based wearable computing device

Pocket sized all-rounder

The dynaEdge DE-100 delivers the power of a full performance PC through its 6th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor, image recognition and the execution of other data and high computing power algorithms, all in a form factor that’s usually known from a smartphone. This allows the integration of data and sensor based features which were not possible to be executed on wearable computing devices before.

With its replaceable Lithium-Ion battery, dynaEdge DE-100 users are most flexible within any kind of work situation. All-day operation can be achieved by simply changing the battery independent from any power supply. Through its fingerprint reader, frontline workers benefit from higher identification security and, in combination with the dynaEdge AR100 Viewer smart glass wearable, they are provided hands-free connectivity, with the device featuring the latest Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and GPS technologies.

Windows going AR

As the first wearable device operating on Windows 10, dynaEdge DE-100 and the AR100 Viewer allow the market entrance for a broader enterprise space. The solution can easily be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure, while simultaneously benefitting from the support and security delivered through Microsoft updates to the platform. As the first enterprise grade monocular smart glasses operating on Windows 10, it now allows enterprises which do not (yet) allow android devices in their infrastructure to incorporate the advancements wearable technology can bring to their business.

Toshiba and Ubimax

With the integration of Ubimax Frontline solutions on Toshiba’s new Windows 10-based mobile edge computing device dynaEdge DE-100, Ubimax and Toshiba take a major step forward in further expanding the acceptance of wearables in large enterprises across industries. Customers which have deployed Ubimax Frontline on android devices can now add the Toshiba device to their portfolio without losing their site and use case specific configuration.

Supporting the Toshiba device, Ubimax underlines its hardware independency and at the same time is very delighted to be chosen as a strategic partner by Toshiba. In the press release about the partnership, Ubimax CEO Hendrik Witt states: “We strongly believe in the combination of Toshiba’s long-standing technical and B2B customer support expertise and our own market leading wearable computing solution experience to jointly increase acceptance and focus on the uptake of wearables in the industry”.

You can read the entire press release in our News section.