Enterprise Security for Smart Glasses

Friederike Truthe, February 6, 2019

Ubimax, global market leader for industrial augmented reality-based wearable computing solutions, published new developments in the field of cyber security and enterprise features as part of the latest release of the popular Ubimax Frontline platform.

Atlanta/GA, February 6, 2019: Alongside the deployment of new functions as well as an optimization of existing features, the solution’s security moved into focus. Both the individual requirements of the frontline worker, i.e. the mobile and deskless worker, and the individual demands of companies and IT decision makers were taken into consideration. For quite some time, it has already been possible to install the Ubimax Frontline solutions inhouse (on premise), as well as on a private or public cloud. Thereby, the fitting option depending on IT security requirements, capacity and capability can be chosen.

As part of the new release, Ubimax took care of serving customer needs even more detailed. For the first time, it is possible to bind the Ubimax Frontline server on the Oracle Database, which is a common tool in enterprise environments. The Ubimax solutions can be integrated into the relational database. This helps to prevent security breaches.

Furthermore, the focus was laid on the safety optimization of the solution’s core, by improving the DevOps and SecOps processes. Security updates for the platform will be performed automatically. Additionally, functions, like software hardening, take place automatically in regular cycles. The login into the system happens standardized with JWT (JSON Web Token) to prevent the storage of login data on the server. Another important improvement is that Ubimax Frontline can be bound on the Active Directory, with the result that relevant authorities can be distributed onto the necessary groups from the central office.

Companies can decide whether their smart glasses should be Android-based or contain a full-featured Windows operating system, depending on existing standards. Last year, the Windows 10-based Toshiba dynaEdge was launched. The device’s handling and its management and security solutions are equal to Windows laptops and PCs. Glasses with the newest version of the operating system installed are able to perform software updates automatically, to prevent security breaches and are fully supported by the new Ubimax Frontline release.

Dr. Hendrik Witt, CEO of Ubimax, is aware of the challenge of creating safe technological infrastructures: “With the new release, the security of our features has received another upgrade. Especially considering the reports and events of the last weeks and months, concerning cyber security, we are proud to offer our customers a safe solution. On top of that it is very functional and user-friendly.”