Eventful start into 2018 – Ubimax on the road

Friederike Truthe, May 31, 2018

With the Augmented World Expo - the biggest trade show for AR and VR technologies - opening its gates to visitors in Santa Clara today, we want to recapture what else was going on during the first months of 2018! Three major events have already taken place, all with a distinctive industry focus, pointing out the global demand for innovative technologies such as our wearable computing solutions.

Introduced in late 2017, it was our Frontline Creator that attracted the main attention this year. Customization is a crucial point in many of our customer inquiries. With our self-service tool that allows custumers to create their own augmented reality applications even without being expert programmers or IT professionals, we have a clear ace up our sleeve.

Two of the events from the first half of 2018 are old habits for us, however, not less thrilling than the (third) newbie in our show calendar.

LogiMAT: “First-hand Intralogistics – Digital, Connected, Innovative” (Stuttgart, Germany)

Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence are on everyone's lips and are increasingly influencing Germany's third largest economic sector - logistics. At this year's leading international trade fair LogiMAT, over 55,000 trade visitors came to learn about the latest trends and technological developments in innovative logistics solutions.

As one of the total 1.500 exhibitors, we showcased our AR solutions platform Ubimax Frontline. Our special highlight this year: The functionality enhancement of our vision picking solution, xPick, with the web-based editor Frontline Creator. Previously customized for manufacturing and maintenance processes, customers can now also independently create intralogistics processes without any programming knowledge and adapt them to their individual requirements - a central factor for the successful usage and the scaling of vision picking solutions in particular.

The three-day fair held a lot of interesting discussions, picking orders and sweets at the demo shelf – once again a complete success for the Ubimax LogiMAT team! We already look forward to 2019!

Modex: The foolproof way to FUTUREPROOF YOUR BUSINESS. (Atlanta, US)

From April 9-12, we made our first appearance at MHI powered Modex Show. Taking place in Atlanta, number one logistics hub and established Ubimax US headquarters. As the largest international expo of its kind in North and South America, Modex’s dominating trends revolved around digital supply chain solutions focusing on augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and robotics amongst others.

With full force, our ambitious US team showcased Ubimax Frontline to a record attendance for full-on four days. As last year’s MHI Innovation Award winner and this year’s finalist in the category “Best Authoring and Publishing Tool”, we proudly presented our Ubimax Frontline Creator and Ubimax Frontline solutions to the expert industry from over 110 countries around the globe.

Another first: US pharmacy giant Walgreens was announced the winner of our first xAssist pilot raffle! We are super keen to get them started to boost their business with our augmented reality remote support solution.

The user experience of our customers is always in the focus of developing our solutions. Thanks to Ubimax Frontline’s self-service tool, Frontline Creator, our logistics customers are able to bring augmented reality to life quickly and independently in a profitable and economically sustainable manner.

Percy Stocker, President Ubimax Americas

Hannover Messe and CeMAT: “Integrated Industry - Connect & Collaborate” (Hanover, Germany)

One of the world’s leading industrial exhibitions, Hannover Messe (HMI) took place this year with the leading theme being “Integrated Industry - Connect & Collaborate”. The five- day exhibition showcased groundbreaking Industry 4.0 solutions focusing on human-machine-interaction. Taking place simultaneously, the intralogistics trade show CeMAT put a focus on innovations within the logistics sector.

This year, we showcased our Ubimax Frontline solutions at both HMI and CeMAT. At our HMI booth, decision makers from industry and visitors equally got to experience the entire solutions suite including xPick, xMake, xInspect, xAssist in addition to our AR authoring tool Frontline Creator firsthand. Our special guest this year was Schleswig Holstein State Prime Minister Daniel Günther, who visited our booth on his innovation tour through Nothern Germany. We were honored to show him how our solutions change business processes for the better and the potential of wearable computing also for companies in his district.

At CeMAT, a special show during Hannover Messe, we were part of the Logistics 4.0 Hub – a live supply chain, demoing how our vision-picking solution xPick in combination with our RFID wristband transforms intralogistics processes such as order picking and shelf restocking.
With over 200.000 visitors, and a great amount of business contacts and potentials, the HMI was a great success.

Stay tuned and check our social media pages for news about upcoming events!