LogiMAT 2017: Fastest Order Picking ever with Pick-by-Vision solution “xPick” and Ubimax’ RFID wristband “xBand”

Leonid Poliakov, February 21, 2017

Ubimax, the leading provider of industrial wearable computing solutions, introduces the world's fastest manual order picking solution at LogiMAT 2017. The combination of the globally deployed pick-by-vision solution “xPick” with the innovative RFID-based pick and put verification of “xBand” allows for a significant increase in process speed of up to 50% while at the same time reducing the overall error rate.

Bremen, February 21st, 2017: Following the premiere of the world's first fully integrated Enterprise Wearable Computing Suite at LogiMAT 2016, Ubimax presents a highly effective manual picking solution in 2017. The multiple-award-winning and globally proven pick-by-vision solution “xPick” is complemented by the innovative RFID-based wearable “xBand”. Entirely developed by Ubimax, an RFID reader is integrated in the multi-sensor wristband “xBand” and communicates with the Smart Glasses via Bluetooth or WiFi. The combination of both Wearables ensures a significant increase in efficiency and is already used in productive business operations, for example at Schnellecke Logistics in Wolfsburg and Leipzig, Germany, as well as at other customers.

Pick and put activities are automatically confirmed through the use of the xBand wristband. By eliminating the need for additional and time-consuming processes such as barcode scanning, manual verification or check digits confirmations, business processes can now be conducted significantly faster as well as more ergonomic and flexible – without compromising process quality.

“We are combining the best out of two worlds: the graphical user interface rendered on the Smart Glasses in the workers’ field of view and the seamless integration of pick and put confirmations using our new xBand” – comments Ubimax CEO Dr. Hendrik Witt on the innovative solution. The result is a revolutionary speed and quality improvement in manual order picking processes.

LogiMAT visitors are welcome to test the new combination of Smart Glasses and Ubimax’ RFID wristband “xBand” on the basis of practical demonstrations at the Ubimax booth 7F80 in hall 7.

About Ubimax Inc.

Ubimax is a Leading Supplier for Industrial Wearable Computing solutions, creating fully integrated solutions powered by latest wearable computing technologies to improve business processes. Its Enterprise Wearable Computing Suite includes xPick for order picking, xMake for manufacturing and quality assurance processes, xInspect to support service and maintenance technicians and xAssist for remote assistance functionality.
With offices in Germany, the U.S. and Mexico, over 10 years of experience and an extensive track-record in the fields of Wearable Computing, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Sensor Systems, Ubimax serves more than 100 customers today and is a clear forerunner in the market.