The Future is Now

Lisa Gruber, May 15, 2019

We at Ubimax are convinced that augmented reality and wearables transform the working world as we know it today. With their new study 'Maximum Mobility: Shaping the Future of the IT Landscape', our partner Toshiba delivers hard facts and figures that make such a change concrete.

How Innovative Technologies Imprint the IT Landscape

Modern technologies like augmented reality solutions are no longer dreams of the future, but have already become an essential part of many factories and warehouses. A comprehensive report compiled by Toshiba underlines this. The report not only examines the changes in corporate IT, but also how innovations are integrated. In addition, topics such as edge computing and virtual infrastructure are discussed.

Technological Change in Enterprises

In times of increasing IT budgets, it is evident that the importance of mobility has not only arrived on the workers' side, but also on the business side. According to the study, CIOs are focusing on topics such as data security and cloud solutions. Advantages in the increasing use of clouds are particularly seen in the course of advancing globalization and its simple scalability.

Gaining Efficiency through Innovation

The Toshiba study shows that in addition to increased mobility, the focus is on boosting efficiency through technological innovations. New hardware, such as the use of wearables, occupies a special position here, on a global scale. While only two percent of companies use solutions like smart glasses so far, the study underlines a groundbreaking change in the next three years. The productive use of smart helpers is planned for 89% of engineering companies, 83% of logistics companies and 77% of production companies.

Deep Insights

Overall, the study shows exciting results about the constantly changing corporate IT-landscape worldwide. Even though the results do not provide a general plan of action, they offer a comprehensive overview of the current situation. This allows a number of future forecasts and investment opportunities to be derived. As a result, companies can already secure one of the top places in the rapidly advancing digitalization process. Find the entire study here.