Hands-on Experience in (Augmented) Reality

Ubimax, September 4, 2017

Every student knows that an internship is integral to a business administration program; like chopsticks to Asian food. Personally, I wanted to gain hands-on experience in marketing to deepen my study focus and after some research, I stumbled across the Wearables Expert Ubimax. I had only heard about Wearables through the media and a visit at the CeBIT, a German business fair focusing on digitalization and innovation. From the start, I was curious to learn more about Wearable Technology and Smart Glasses as well as sell them, so I applied for a three-month internship in PR & Marketing at Ubimax. Three weeks later I received my acceptance letter and, thus, my first day came closer.

Thinking of start-ups, foosball tables and rather laid-back working hours come to my mind. At Ubimax, I was right about the foosball table, however, positively surprised by the number of people already working hard (even) before 9 AM on a Monday morning. After a tour through the open space office and a few too many names later, I felt a little overwhelmed, but thankful for a warm welcome by the many new faces.

Learning how to swim on Supply Chain Day

On my third day in the office I was already thrown into cold water. On Supply Chain Day, we hosted an event at our headquarters, demonstrating our visionary picking solution, xPick, to the interested public. I assisted showcasing our solution for intralogistics. Naturally, I was slightly on edge, as I had only seen and put on Smart Glasses for the first time ever just the day before. But I managed my part successfully and my nervousness quickly settled when I saw how enthusiastic the many participants were.

My internship at Ubimax held many more challenging opportunities within different fields of marketing. I not only maintained our social media channels, tracked their weekly success and worked on a bunch of creative projects but took over the organization of the legendary Ubimax summer event and even travelled on a business trip to the Ubimax branch in Frankfurt. The project closest to my heart was assisting in the redesigning of Ubimax’s Corporate Identity. It was very interesting to implement my own ideas and particularly nice to see the concept incorporated successfully.

Keep calm and drink coffee

Sometimes it’s the little things that – literally – sweeten up your workday. And who isn’t keen for an extra portion of motivation after a long meeting or an ever-closing deadline? With good cappuccino, latte macchiato or hot chocolate, the coffee machine was my personal best friend on stressful days. The same effect I experienced through the team rituals, to which I was invited without further ado. My favorite from the very first week: lunch at Mekong, a small Vietnamese restaurant located close by, which is visited every Friday.

But, even more special than any lunch date ever could be, was the well-meaning guidance of my superiors. Their feedback helped me to better assess my weaknesses and make the most of my strengths. My colleagues, especially the marketing team, made me feel comfortable and always encouraged me to expand my skills. In the end, motivated, friendly colleagues and new experiences are worth much more than free coffee and number M11 at Mekong.
You are looking for an internship where you are immediately integrated into a team, work independently, participate in big projects and have Asian food EVERY Friday? Then Ubimax in Schuppen 2, Bremen, is exactly the right address!

Sozdar Tunc, Marketing intern