International Supply Chain Day 'Take #5': Ubimax hosts open house day in Bremen and Frankfurt

Julia Widmer, April 26, 2018

As leading vision picking provider, Ubimax’s participation in the Supply Chain Day was - of course - a given thing for 2018. For the fifth time already, around 80 participants from industry, trade and logistics services as well as school and university associations found their way to the Bremen headquarters as well as the Frankfurt branch office, to learn first hand about the status quo and trends in augmented reality (AR) and wearable computing in the world of logistics.

According to the motto “Logistics makes it possible”, the Federal Association for Logistics (BVL) has been organizing the International Supply Chain Day since 2008, highlighting the versatility of the third largest economic sector in Germany. In interactive workshops, the wearables expert Ubimax demonstrated the potential of augmented reality and wearable computing in logistics.

“We see that manual picking processes are still very popular in the corporate landscape due to their flexibility and efficiency,” says Dr. Frank Lampe, head of marketing and co-organizer of the event at Ubimax. “Many logistics companies live digitization and industry 4.0 on a daily basis - admittedly - very successful. With our vision-picking solution xPick, we are at the forefront of this development - instead of static, paper-based picking lists containing a high error potential, xPick offers relevant information via smart glass, digitally processed right in the field of view. Free hands and a direct error control revolutionize logistic processes in this very moment at our more than 200 customer sites.”

After deep diving into the world of augmented, assisted and mixed reality, Lampe gives an insight into Ubimax' productive smart glass projects around the globe. Simoultaneously, Ubimax CCO Jan Junker is back in action at the Frankfurt office at the airport. The audience is visibly impressed: “I am amazed that these technologies optimize logistics processes in so many respects. As a local logistics service provider, this is of course also of great interest for us,” says Christian Hinrichs, training supervisor at Stute, who is visiting the workshop with his protégés.

But the real fun only starts later on: order picking and pallet loading with smart glasses and RFID sensor wristband xBand! With Glass EE and Microsoft HoloLens, the AR experience could not be more different. While the delicate, monocular device of the company X is barely noticeable during the picking process, the 500g heavy mixed reality smart glass HoloLens enables efficient pallet loading in 3D format. Especially the intuitive user interface of the multi-order picking solution xPick was was very well received by the participants: “Due to the simple representation, one immediately knows what to do. Even wrong pick and put activities are displayed directly, both visually and haptically - I think this is a great advantage in the order pickers' daily operations, ”says Nadja Bahrenburg of inconso AG.

For the organizers Julia Widmer and Frank Lampe in Bremen as well as Jan Junker in Frankfurt, the International Supply Chain Day of 2018 was once again a great success: “It is nice to see how the public and companies are interested in new ways and technologies in logistics such as augmented reality. Cross-regional networking is important and made possible by this day once more,” all three agree.

More impressions from the workshops can be found on the official Supply Chain Day Homepage.

We are already looking forward to the next International Supply Chain Day on April 11, 2019. Save the date and stay tuned!