Efficiency through digital twin

Ubimax, October 18, 2019

Intralogistics processes and process chains range from receiving goods and placing them on the shelves to re-storage or disposal. They account for a large proportion of operational costs in the retail sector. The BMWi awarded research project Knowledge4Retail (K4R), in which also Ubimax is involved, starts exactly here. The aim is to exploit efficiency potentials with the help of a digital replica of a retail store. This “digital twin” enables a completely new way of logistical planning, as well as controlling of processes and procedures, by visualizing logistical data on shelves, displays or product placements in a way that can be understood by machines.

Read more about this in the German article “Digitales Filialen-Abbild für mehr Effizienz” in Lebensmittel Zeitung.