New Ubimax Frontline Release - Skype- and Multi-User Calls First Time on Smart Glasses

Friederike Truthe, January 22, 2019

Ubimax extends the functionality of its augmented reality (AR) based platform Ubimax Frontline with Skype for Business support and multi-user calls. Microsoft's business solution for VoIP-Calls is now available on Windows- as well as on Android-based smart glasses.

Bremen, January 22, 2019: Ubimax, market leader for augmented reality based industrial wearable computing solutions, presents new features of its software platform Ubimax Frontline: The newest release offers the possibility of conducting conference calls via smart glasses for the first time ever. Multi-user and Skype for Business calls establish new options for customers worldwide in the field of training and remote collaboration.

Global cloud-based approach and unlimited number of participants
Customers of Ubimax are now, due to the new multi-user functions, able to communicate with an indefinite number of partners. This supports businesses in trainee situations or when rectifying complex problems. Furthermore, verified external experts can be consulted within the Ubimax solution. Meaning, the confidentiality of the call is guaranteed even when the expert is not descending from their own home network. Multi-user calls are exclusively accessible via Ubimax’s remote support solution xAssist.
The proven functions of xAssist are fully supported. In addition, xAssist can now be started directly from any application of the Ubimax Frontline Suite - similar to Microsoft Office, where an Excel table can easily be embedded in PowerPoint or Word. Appearing problems in current logistic and production processes, consequently can be overcome with the help of the remote support solution.
xAssist furthermore enables, since the new release, an extensive documentation of the content of relevant discussions. Those call protocols (inclusive comments) can be downloaded as a PDF files.

Thanks to the global cloud-based approach, employees are able to conduct multi-user as well as Skype for Business calls at all time in any locations. Customers who have to use the VoIP-service from Microsoft due to Business intern specifications, obtain with the release this option: Skype for Business is a stand-alone component and integrable into every Frontline solution. It offers an alternative remote support functionality to the customers and can be built in in every possible workflow using the Frontline Creator. This way customers can rely on the established advantages of the Microsoft solution.

The new multi-user and skype for Business features are available immediately. Both options are deployed on Windows- as well as on Android-based smart glasses.