Smart working and overseas flair

Julia Widmer, August 23, 2018

Anyone who might think that students would only relax and Netflix during their semester break has not yet met Anna, Astrid, Esther and Florian. The four business administration students spent three weeks of their well deserved lecture free period working at Ubimax during the University-organized Summer Camp.

The Summer Camp is a cooperation programme between University of Bremen and local companies, aiming at providing students with an insight into everyday working life across a variety of industries. For the second year, Ubimax was fortunate to take part as a partner company and welcome the committed group of students to the open space office at Bremen Europahafen.

In addition to exciting tasks, diverse day-to-day project schedules also come with hurdles. Continuous improvement of process structures is a priority at Ubimax in order to properly meet the needs of more than 200 customers around the globe. During the Summer Camp at Ubimax, the students were provided with valuable insights into internal company structures and learned all about wearables, pilot implementations and project scaling in qualitative interviews with project managers, customer success managers and developers.

Read on to find out what motivates the students, why they chose Ubimax, what they particularly liked about the project work and what their supervisors Lennard Buning, Customer Success Manager and Dr. Frank Lampe, Senior Vice President Marketing at Ubimax, think about the exchange with tomorrow’s professionals.

Julia: Hello Anna, Astrid, Esther and Florian! First of all, let me say we are glad you chose Ubimax. How come you decided to apply here?

Florian: Ubimax is an interesting young player in the technology industry. I was curious about insights into technological developments in augmented reality and wearable computing. I have been following Industry 4.0 related news for some time and was, therefore, particularly interested in learning more about the potential of smart glasses, especially in the production and logistics sector.

Astrid: Even though the choice of companies this year was great, I had quickly set my priorities. The analysis and optimization of project processes in an international context sounded very exciting to me right from the start.

Julia: All four of you are enrolled in business administration with a study focus on international management, marketing and entrepreneurship (IEM). What did you find enticing about the project at Ubimax?

Anna: With regards to our major field of study, Ubimax is interesting to me for two major reasons: first, the company and second the market are in constant development. The project at Ubimax gives us the opportunity to experience many aspects of our university curriculum, such as company growth, corporate structure and market positioning in a real-life environment.

Julia: What are you taking away from your time at Ubimax?

Esther: A key take away is that working in a team is especially more efficient than working individually when the challenges are met together and objectively discussed as team effort. We have inspired each other, learned from each other, but also criticized each other and have finally come to a very satisfactory result together.

Astrid: At Ubimax I was able to experience a completely new corporate structure and culture. It is nice to see that next to more traditional corporate structures which I had been used to through my training as a banker, there are other, more progressive directions. I very much enjoyed our three weeks in Schuppen 2.

Julia: Frank and Lennard, Ubimax has already participated for the second time. What makes the event particularly valuable for you?

Frank: This year we met four young, refreshing people who have been working on our internal project with a lot of energy and integrating their own ideas. In the Summer Camp, just like in real business, the success of a project depends significantly on its preparation and the continuous supervision, which in our case meant the students. This then also reflects in the satisfaction of the participants and the overall quality of the results. I can definitely say that both areas have been fulfilled to mutual satisfaction. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers at University of Bremen. The exchange with tomorrow’s preofessionals should be at the top of every company's project plan.

Lennard: We had an exciting time with the students, who gave us even more exciting results - a full project success. We are looking forward to next year!