Ubimax announces Frontline: Catalyzing the Reality of Wearable Technology

Leonid Poliakov, July 18, 2017

New offering being deployed globally for Enterprises seeking a platform to deliver real-world Augmented and Assisted Reality solutions

Bremen, July 18th 2017: Ubimax, the global leader in Wearable Technology solutions for Enterprises, announces the launch of a new offering, Ubimax Frontline. The Frontline platform is designed around the four award-winning products that are already in production today; xPick, xMake, xInspect and xAssist. These foundation products have been seamlessly integrated into a full, end-to-end, Frontline solution platform that addresses the deployment, technology integration and operational management inefficiencies that have previously plagued the Wearable Technology marketplace. Similar to the technological leap that Microsoft introduced with Office, Ubimax Frontline is a unifying platform for manufacturing, retail, logistics and other businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge by deploying Wearable Computing Technology to their most numerous employees, the frontline workers. Frontline is optimized for all major Smart Glasses available on the market such as Glass Enterprise Edition, Vuzix M300, RealWear HMT-1 and Microsoft HoloLens.

Ubimax Frontline is already being deployed at many of Ubimax’s over 150 customers, generating real world benefits that are fundamentally changing the way Enterprises view Augmented Reality (AR) and Wearable Technology solutions. Current deployments of Ubimax Frontline are enjoying enviable production returns on their Frontline investment, dramatically altering the way they do business while saving 10’s of millions of dollars in operating expenses. One such customer, Samsung, has managed to increase production speed by 22% while simultaneously reducing error rate by 10% compared to previous levels. Using Glass Enterprise Edition and Ubimax Frontline, KONI has managed to increase order picking accuracy to well over 99% while simultaneously increasing replenishment speed by a triple-digit number. With Ubimax Frontline other customers such as DHL, John Deere or Volkswagen have been able to rapidly introduce AR technology in a fraction of the time normally associated with such technological innovations.

“Ubimax Frontline was the next logical and mandatory step in the evolution of Wearable Technology becoming mainstream for Enterprises”, states Dr. Hendrik Witt, CEO of Ubimax. “The headaches of differing hardware and diverse company requirements meant we had to create a solution that would provide flexibility to not only make the deployment more seamless and manageable but allow the customers to evolve as their workforce and business requirements demand”.

Ubimax Frontline is available today for all of Ubimax’s deployments and for Enterprises who wish to incorporate the advancements Wearable Technology can bring to their businesses.

About Ubimax

Ubimax is a global market leader for industrial Wearable Computing solutions, creating full, end to end, integrated solutions that incorporate the latest Wearable Computing technologies to improve business operations. Ubimax solutions have received numerous awards, including: Auggie Award for “Best Enterprise Solution”, MHI Innovation Award for “Best IT Innovation”, and winner of the SAP & Google Glass Challenge. Ubimax has been recognized as the leader in Enterprise Wearables and Augmented Reality Solutions by ABI Research.

With offices in Germany, the U.S. and Mexico, Ubimax today serves more than 150 customers globally. Leveraging over 10 years of experience as well as an extensive track-record in the fields of Wearable Computing, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Sensor Systems, Ubimax’s technological innovations continue to be at the very forefront of Wearable Computing solutions.