Ubimax Frontline fully live on Windows 10

Julia Widmer, July 11, 2018

xPick complements the availability of Ubimax Frontline on Toshiba‘s Windows 10-based smart glass solution. Delivered through the mutual strategic partnership, xPick now makes industry-leading workflow efficiencies within the logistics sector available for businesses relying on Windows 10 operating systems.

By further enhancing industrial workflows with the expanded level of smart glass solutions, Ubimax and Toshiba respond to a growing market demand. According to a Toshiba and Walnut Unlimited research from February 2018, intelligent assisted reality solutions have really captured the market’s attention over the past 12 months. The study was based on online interviews among 1,036 senior IT decision makers in medium and large organizations across UK, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium showing that 77 percent of all IT decision-makers in Germany plan to introduce this innovative technology to their businesses over the course of the next three years.

Smart changes for your productivity

xPick complements the availability of Ubimax Frontline on Toshiba‘s Windows 10-based smart glass solution. The Pick by Vision solution follows xMake, xInspect, and xAssist as the most recent addition to the dynaEdge’s suite of assisted reality workflow modules, optimizing productivity for businesses operating in the enterprise sector ranging from logistics to manufacturing to field service and remote support scenarios.

The multiple awarded solution is designed to improve productivity levels throughout workflows, assisting from manual order picking, sorting, and inventory management stages, right through to goods receipt and removal processes. Efficiencies are delivered through the smart glass’s assisted reality display which shows instructions directly in the employees' field of vision – allowing an entirely hands-free work approach along the supply chain. Further xPick modules such as barcode-scanning, weight-checking or localization can be included to increase accuracy levels and further streamline workflows.

Driving innovation side by side

Jan Junker, Chief Commercial Officer at Ubimax is delighted about the successful introduction of Ubimax Frontline onto the Windows platform: “The reception from our customers and partners following the launch of our first suite of modules was overwhelming. Working alongside Toshiba to drive transformational change across a variety of sectors has been a real highlight of our partnership.”

Maki Yamashita, Senior Vice President, PC & Solutions EMEA at Toshiba Europe adds: “We’ve found that the opportunity to maximize productivity whilst expanding an organization’s suite of connected devices is a winning combination – particularly when it comes to manufacturing and logistics-based enterprises.”

The Vision Picking solution xPick will work seamlessly alongside the existing Frontline modules on Toshiba’s dynaEdge platform creating efficiencies on an entirely new level. xPick will be available from July 2018 across Europe. The official Toshiba press release can be retrieved here.

For more information on dynaEdge, visit www.toshiba.eu/dynaEdge or our corporate blog.

Picture source: Toshiba.