Ubimax to shape the future of industrial Augumented Reality applications with Meta Glasses

Leonid Poliakov, November 20, 2014

Ubimax GmbH, a leading supplier for industrial wearable computing solutions has been selected to join the Meta Pioneers Program. Program members of this exclusive development program receive the opportunity to be the first developing Augmented Reality (AR) Applications for the Meta Glasses already one year before its official release. Ubimax is the first German company to attend the Meta Pioneers Program and the only one in Europe to develop industrial order picking, assembly line, and quality assurance AR applications. The AR order picking prototype “xPick AR” will be shown at Bitkom Trendkongress taking place on November 25th in Berlin, Germany. Ubimax will also be the local partner of Meta for the two day AR workshop & hackathon that takes place also in Berlin from December 5th to December 07th.

Ubimax, a leading supplier for industrial wearable computing solutions, is the first European enterprise to develop industrial order picking, assembly line and quality assurance solutions on the Meta Glasses using innovative AR technology. The Bremen-based Wearable Computing experts have been selected from a large number of candidates to join the exclusive Meta Pioneers Program. After the first workshop at Meta headquarters in Portola Valley, California, Ubimax’s R&D department already finished its first Augmented Reality prototype “xPick AR” that will be showcased at Bitkom Trendkongress in Berlin on November 25th 2014. The new prototype is an extension to the well-known and industrially proven xPick order picking solution for smart glasses. The first version offers automatic pick detection, completely eliminating the need for time-consuming barcode scanning. Furthermore, it already recognizes head movements and provides hand gestures control e.g. by pressing virtual buttons projected directly in the field of view of the user.

With Ubimax, Meta now has a strong partner driving innovation for wearable computing with unique expertise in this field. “We are proud to have Ubimax developing applications on Meta Glasses that will revolutionize how people work at warehouses in Germany and around the world.” said Todd Revolt, Director, Strategic Alliances at Meta. “With xPick AR order picking assistance, every employee will be free to use their hands while receiving relevant and valuable information on Meta Glasses, optimizing productivity.”

Research and development for future-oriented industrial wearable applications is one of the high-priority topics within Ubimax’s R&D strategy. Productive wearable AR applications however require technology beyond today’s state-of-the-art smart glass technology. “Meta provides the most powerful leading edge functional Augmented Reality Smart Glasses technology.” states Dr. Hendrik Witt, CEO and Co-Founder of Ubimax GmbH. “Seizing this unique opportunity, Ubimax and Meta together will speed up the AR development and shape the future of industrial AR applications for Smart Glasses!”

About Ubimax GmbH

Ubimax is a leading supplier of industrial Wearable Computing solutions for all kinds of organizations and enterprises. Deploying Wearable Computing technologies like Google Glass or Vuzix M100 from our direct partner Google or Vuzix we are able to improve the business processes of our customers optimizing their speed, quality, and flexibility.
The portfolio of Ubimax includes both, tailor-made customer solutions and industrial high-performance standard applications such as “xPick” for order picking, “xMake” for assembly assistance and quality assurance or “xCare” for elder care. As the only Glass Certified partner in Germany Ubimax is authorized to offer our solutions also on Google Glass. Ubimax is a full-service provider along the entire application value chain, beginning with initial consulting to software design, and including implementation, maintenance and support.

The Ubimax team consists of true Wearable Computing pioneers with more than 10 years of experi-ence in the field. The Ubimax advisory board counts such worldwide leading Wearable Computing experts like Prof. Thad E. Starner, who help Ubimax to stay ahead of the competition.

About meta

Meta is a 60 person company based in Portola Valley; led by Founder & CEO, Meron Gribetz (Forbes 30 under 30), Chief Scientist Prof. Steve Mann (inventor of wearable computing), Lead Advisor Prof. Steve Feiner (pioneer of augmented reality) and Director of User Interface Jayse Hansen (Hollywoods #1 user interface designer, creator of UIs for Iron Man 1, 3, Ender's Game, Hunger Games).
Meta's Augmented Reality glasses allow users to see, create and interact with virtual objects displayed in one's environment. The platform has attracted over a thousand development groups who are building gaming applications and professional applications in the areas of medical simulation, data visualization, architectural visualization and industrial design.