Wearables in the Spotlight - June: Glass Enterprise Edition

Ubimax, June 13, 2018

As the world leading experts on wearable computing, it is a given that we are all about wearables. Therefore, wearables are in the limelight of this blog series! Regardless of the companies producing them, quality judgments, preferences, or else we want to shed a light on the devices that Ubimax’s customers are working with and optimize their businesses.

You can read it as our view on what is out there and for those of you who share our passion for Wearables this blog series is perfect! Every month, we will introduce one wearable, ranging from Smart Glasses and Smart Watches to confirmation devices.

Ubimax has already been collaborating with X for the last five years. X started developing the Glass prototype in mid-2011 – back then still as Google branded company - and first launched the Glass Explorer Edition (Glass XE) in 2014 – better known as Google Glass. Even though the Glass XE was first developed for the consumer market, the advantages of the smart glass for enterprise use cases quickly became clear.

Type of Device | monocular smart glasses
Year of release | 2017
Developer | X - The Moonshot Factory
Weight | 43 grams
What makes it stand out | convincing form factor: very light weight

Improved with focus on enterprise

To improve the first generation of Glass and its enterprise suitability, X launched the internal, “The Enterprise Lighthouse Program” with Ubimax as one of the first partners. After quietly making some iterations, tests and improvements, incorporating users’ feedback, X officially released the Glass Enterprise Edition in the summer of 2017.

In contrast to its previous model, the Glass Enterprise Edition (Glass EE) was specifically developed for enterprise application with the frontline worker in mind. Apart from the modified camera function and extended battery life, the major change came with the ability to mount the smart glasses on to safety glasses or regular glass frames: The button at the hinge of the frame can be used to detach the electronics part, a.k.a. Glass Pod, from the frame to connect it to either safety glasses or other glass frames.

Glass EE’s core consists of an Intel Atom® CPU. For connectivity, it supports Bluetooth LE and HID as well as Wi-Fi. This allows for easy connection to external scanners and smart watches and external data sources complementing our Ubimax Frontline solutions. Another enterprise specific modification came with the change from a micro USB connector to magnetic, increasing work safety as workers avoid getting snagged on external objects with a statically attached cable.

Similar to many other hardware manufacturers, battery life has been a crucial factor for the team at X. The battery of the Glass Enterprise Edition charges at 780mAh and lasts about three hours during full capacity. When attached to an external battery pack, the battery life extends to a full work shift, avoiding interruption in the work flow.

User friendly form factor

The biggest advantage for frontline workers is the light weight of the glasses, enabling them to wear it for an entire work shift. With about 43 grams - not much more than prescription glasses – Glass EE sits comfortably on the nose.

Users can interact with the glass through either voice commands or the touchpad along the side of the Glass Pod. While the Explorer Edition’s touchpad had been placed on the rear end of the Glass Pod, the Enterprise Edition’s touchpad runs all the way from the front to the rear end. That does not only give it a “nice to have” functionality but complements the familiar swipe gesture, increasing user-friendliness.

Ubimax Frontline and Glass

Ubimax understood the potential of the Glass technology at a very early stage and started developing software for enterprises. In 2015, Ubimax won the co-sponsored SAP and Google Glass Challenge for developing the most innovative applications delivering high value to enterprises. Ubimax implemented xPick for manual order picking, sorting and inventory, and incoming/outgoing goods by utilizing the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Mobile Platform, Java Tools and Glass Explorer Edition. As winner of the SAP and Google Glass Challenge, with over 70 app entries submitted, Ubimax received enablement, certification and go-to-market support from SAP and Glass at Work.

Glass Enterprise Edition is one of the most deployed monocular devices by our customers. Additional features such as its foldability and portability combined with its water resistance, make it ideal for industry use. The combination of the intuitive user interface of the Ubimax Frontline solutions with the enterprise-friendly and ergonomic Glass Enterprise Edition offers Ubimax customers a great user experience.

In addition to early adopters like DHL and Schnellecke Logistics, customers like AGCO Fendt, Samsung SDS and Penny Market employ Glass Enterprise Edition with Ubimax Frontline increasing efficiency and reducing error rates in their daily processes. As value-added reseller, Ubimax offers all Ubimax Frontline solutions on the Glass Enterprise Edition smart glasses to customers.

(Editing: Mulluemebet Berhanu Dilnesaw)