Wearables in the Spotlight - February: Vuzix M300

Ubimax, February 7, 2018

As the world leading experts on Wearable Computing, it is a given that we are all about wearables. Therefore, wearables are in the limelight of this blog series! Regardless of the companies producing them, quality judgments, preferences, we want to shed a light on the devices that Ubimax’s customers are working with and optimize their businesses.

For those of you who share our passion for wearables, our mission is to educate you in this match making blog series! Every month, we will introduce one wearable, ranging from smart glasses, smart watches, to confirmation devices.

As a value-added reseller (VAR), we have been working with Vuzix since 2014 to offer our Ubimax Frontline solutions on the American manufacturer's smart glasses. The M300 model has been on the market since the beginning of 2017 and is often referred to by Vuzix as its flagship due to its extensive functionality.

With voice control, integrated camera and Android operating system, it offers everything needed for the application of our industrial Augmented Reality solutions.

Type of Device | Monocular Smart Glasses
Year of Release | 2017
Developer | Vuzix Corporation
Weight | 140g incl. battery and frame
What makes it stand out | high performing camera, multiple mounting options for HMD, battery supports hot swapping of external batteries

Compared to its previous model, M100, several characteristics of the M300 have been upgraded. In addition to improved image quality, increased computing power and new network standards, the form factor has also been optimized. Thanks to its balanced design and low weight, the Vuzix M300 can be worn comfortably for several hours.

The battery attached to the frame is connected to the main unit on the other side via a power cord and has a running time of about three hours. This on-frame battery supports hot swapping and by connecting an external power bank, the battery life can be extended and makes the use over the duration of a regular shift completely unproblematic.

Flexible form factor and always focused

Many monocular smart glasses have a static design display on the right-hand side. However, the M300's main unit can also be mounted on the left-hand side of the frame. The display offers more flexibility for the user to adjust the eye level height and viewing angle. Both factors have a positive effect on ergonomics, as the device can be adapted to user preferences.

The M300 also offers versatile possibilities in terms of occupational safety: The frames can be combined with safety glasses, headband holders or a helmet, which are useful for particularly harsh environments.

The autofocus and the camera's 10 megapixels are used to capture unusually sharp photos and videos and accelerate the scanning of codes and work processes. Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity allows easy connection to external Android or iOS devices, such as scanners or tablets, making it ideal for supporting intralogistics processes.

Vuzix M300 and Ubimax Frontline

Not only do all the Ubimax Frontline solutions run on the Vuzix M300, its user-friendliness is a criterion appreciated by our customers. In 2017, the M300, together with the Glass Enterprise Edition, was the most popular choice of glasses for Ubimax customers such as DHL, John Deere and WS Kunststoff-Service.

Equipped with a microphone including noise cancelation, the smart glasses can be controlled via voice commands that can be detected even in noisy environments. The alternative navigation via the push buttons and the touchpad on the main unit quickly becomes accessible. The high level of user-friendliness complements the intuitive concept of the user interface of our Ubimax Frontline solutions.

Focus on the end consumer

What Vuzix has already proven with its smart glasses for industrial use, turned out to be a small AR highlight at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Vuzix presented its new model, Blade, at the world's largest consumer fair for technology innovations. Designed for consumer use, smart glasses are an exciting product that opens up new potential for AR applications and reflects Vuzix's user-oriented approach.

We are looking forward to further innovations that Vuzix has to offer!