Windows 10 paves way for augmented reality to spread across industries

Carly Kroll, August 21, 2018

Here at Ubimax we are always finding new ways to make our clients’ work easier. We are constantly doing research, learning where we can improve, and what new programs we can develop that will best serve our industry partners.
Our most recent endeavor was the creation of a Windows 10 version of our Ubimax Frontline platform including xPick, xInspect, xMake and xAssist, available for use now.

Smooth transitions are helpful in business, for employee morale, efficiency and preventing challenges. The transition for many businesses to add a new technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) into their daily work is high effort. The implementation of AR solutions into enterprises has just gotten a lot easier for the majority of enterprise users. Thanks to our partnership with Toshiba, our Ubimax Frontline applications now support Windows 10 based smart glasses with the same user experience and tools that successfully helped users of android based smart glasses to increase their process productivity in the past.

Windows Business Savvy

Toshiba dynaEdge, released in the Spring of 2018, is the first Windows 10 based AR solution, which creates opportunities to integrate AR into company environments and to connect to the Microsoft suite. Ubimax collaborated with Toshiba, taking advantage of the platform to expand our user base to businesses operating on the Windows 10 platform.
AR solutions were previously limited to using primarily Android interfaces as many of todays’ smart glasses run on android. This presented challenges for many Windows dominated workplaces. Windows is the current market leader for business related solutions, including the Microsoft office enterprise, making it a convenient and effective choice for many companies. Microsoft's reputation for cyber security is an added benefit, to the convenience for work tasks. Microsoft's Active Directory and standardized products are already enticing to employers, and now hold the additional opportunity of AR integration.

Established Experience with Frontline

As a company, Ubimax had to develop chiefly for Android based smart glasses. The years of Frontline use resulted in valuable data, results and feedback from customers. Taking into consideration this information, we honed our Microsoft 10 Frontline product to be equivalent to the Android package. Frontline on Windows 10 is just as user friendly and effective as the Android version - including the same useful tools of xPick, xInspect, xAssist, and xMake.

Frontline is compatible and functional for both Android and Windows 10 based smart glasses, reaching more businesses to increase efficiency, accuracy, and safety in the workplace through AR solutions. Progressing into the future, the possibilities of AR are growing, and Ubimax plans to grow with it. Here at Ubimax we will continue to create innovative programs and applications, helping enterprises around the globe to move forward in this digital age.