Ubimax and DAQRI Announce Global Partnership

Friederike Truthe, May 29, 2018

Ubimax, the leading supplier for enterprise wearable computing and augmented reality solutions, has officially begun a strategic cooperation with DAQRI, a leading Los Angeles and Dublin based provider of AR smart glasses. With DAQRI providing the mature AR hardware for Ubimax’s AR software solution stack Ubimax Frontline, mutual industry customers now receive excellent support during application deployment in maintenance and remote support scenarios. A successful POC trial using DAQRI Smart Helmet® at Daimler in Bremen, Germany, seals the strong cooperation.

Bremen, May 29, 2018: Ubimax and DAQRI announce their strategic partnership focusing on the joint development of augmented reality solutions across industries. The partnership combines Ubimax’s longstanding expertise in enterprise software development with DAQRI’s technically mature AR smart glass hardware, offering greater potential for industry customers to realize the value of AR across different business processes.

DAQRI smart glasses in active use

Joint success was first realized with German car manufacturer Daimler. At their plant in Bremen, Daimler recently carried out a proof of concept to successfully demonstrate how AR applications improve the internal inspection process of their oil filter systems. The fully-customized solution tailored specifically to Daimler’s requirements allows the visualization of various inspection workflows on the Ubimax Frontline user interface. In particular, the sophisticated sensor functionality of DAQRI’s wearable devices allows automated data logging, helping to further secure the inspection process. Leveraging the built-in thermal camera, workers are no longer reliant on manual measuring tools, increasing work safety and speeding up the inspection processes. The intuitive operation of the smart glasses paired with step-by-step work instructions reduced error rates during the inspection processes, as Frontline workers receive all relevant contextual information in place.

Dr. Hendrik Witt, Chief Executive Officer of Ubimax, identifies the Daimler project as great milestone in the partnership with DAQRI. “Our corporation further extends the scope of application for Ubimax Frontline and successfully demonstrates how the vital exchange among partners drives the development of the entire AR field – Daimler yet sets a great example.” DAQRI adds: “We are excited to join forces with Ubimax, and we will continue to work together so businesses can use AR to improve the tasks that they perform every day,” summarizes Chris Kaufield, Chief Revenue Officer at DAQRI. “With Frontline and DAQRI Smart Glasses, we can deliver compelling solutions that enterprises can deploy today to solve real business problems.“


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