Customer Case Studies

More than 400 customers globally make Ubimax the market leader for wearable computing solutions. With efficiency increases of up to 50%, our solutions result in clear economic benefits with a quick return on investment. Our solutions can be deployed in all industries along the whole value chain covering logistics, production, quality assurance, service, and support.

Future of Production
60% faster repairs
99.99% Accuracy
Higher Quality
New Business Model
More Worker Safety
2 Weeks Ramp-Up
Reduced Downtime
99.9% Accuracy
Everything in sight
High Flexibility
Fast Ramp-Up
AR Logistics
Increased Productivity
Digitized Processes
Up to 15% Faster
Standard Equipment
3 Years Live


Higher Speed

Fewer Errors

Greater Flexibility

Happier Workers

More Safety

Increased Transparency

Research Projects

In cooperation with our partners from research and industry, we are shaping the future of Augmented Reality and Wearable Computing. Our numerous national and international research projects are provided below.