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Initial Situation

In the last few years, the European borders have seen an increase in illegal activities. This includes land-border trespassing, smuggling of goods as well as human and drug trafficking. The plan is to counteract this development with modern technologies and transnational cooperation.


Thus far, the collaboration of teams in the field and C2 operators has been a problem. The reporting was only possible when the forces had returned to the base, so collected data hasn’t been used in actual real-time scenarios. With modern technologies, ARESIBO wants to enable comprehensive border surveillance. The project aims at the objective of developing a joint digital framework being in conformity with the standards of all involved nations.

Goals and Benefits

ARESIBO combines several goals. An important point is the development of an AR interface to improve situation awareness and assessment options if the forces as well as the preparation of missions. While in the field, the teams in the field should be able to communicate with the C2 operators in real-time. To allow a comprehensive border surveillance, a variety of technologies will be used, including external sensors, infrared cameras, drones and unmanned vehicles (UXVs). The data and information will be displayed in a digital framework, suitable to the standards of several countries.

Role of Ubimax

Ubimax plays a special role in enabling the real time collaboration between teams in the field and their supervisors. xAssist will be used for this. Furthermore, Ubimax works on the general display of relevant information and data in the AR user interface. In this context, the Ubimax Frontline Command Center could function as a gateway for the project, representing the central communication point. Additional objectives are the visual supply of task overviews for the forces, as well as the visualization of environment holograms.