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Initial Situation

Becton Dickinson is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. BD leads in patient and healthcare worker safety and the technologies that enable medical research and clinical laboratories. Recently, Tijuana EMI - Becton Dickinson faced challenges such as having their experts for trouble shooting remotely located. With a main facility in Tijuana, Mexico, but the expert located in San Diego, California the time for someone to cross the border back and forth consumed a great deal of time for one problem to be remedied. Expert advice was needed in real time, without the troublesome commute and wait time.

In addition to their challenges with troubleshooting support, the Tijuana EMI - Becton Dickinson engineering team considered the long term need for extra assistance with manufacturing. Their healthcare products made for hospitals are intricate and require complex manufacturing and maintenance for quality assurance to remain high.
A one-stop-shop to improve remote support protocol as well as manufacturing required Becton Dickinson to think outside the box, and work with AR solutions.

Business Challenge

Becton Dickinson had major time and cost concerns for having an expert come to Mexico every time they required troubleshooting assistance. They needed a tool that could share video, audio, and have interactive capabilities such as annotating on screen and typing in the field of view. These capabilities are specific to remote support software by Ubimax. Using the software on head mounted devices or smart glasses would allow workers to be hands free getting feedback and directions to solve the problems. The expert would also be able to see and direct from their remote location.

Ubimax Solution

Becton Dickinson chose to adopt the Ubimax solution xAssist. Using Ubimax software on the Vuzix M300 smart glass workers are better supported. The voice activation
provides a simple to use solution. With the Vuzix’s clear audio and sensitive voice recognition talking on a loud machine floor is not an issue with communicating directions or questions. The Vuzix M300 has multiple applications and abilities through the combined use with xAssist, such as video, voice, and photo. The support sessions can all be saved on the main system and used for training purposes or for documentation. The Ubimax software also provides an easy to read and use interface. The intuitive software combined with the reliable hardware creates a perfect solution to resolve the remote support expert assistance in real time.

Convincing Benefits

Immediately saving time and money utilizing the xAssist software with the head mounted devices, Becton Dickinson realized just how much time and resources had been consumed before. The benefits of the hands-free remote support changed not only the business experience, but also the work life balance and quality of the remote experts. The speed of machine repair was increased by approximately 60%. Workers were able to improve work during their shift by calling an expert help to solve issues while avoiding additional experts traveling’s.

The remote support application, xAssist, help workers to feel empowered, knowing they can quickly and efficiently solve problems with a quick video call by using the M300 head set. Workers can now repair machines without needing someone to come over the border into Mexico.

After having success with xAssist, Becton Dickinson decided to also pilot xMake to assist with their manufacturing needs. Improving quality, speed, and worker experience. Becton Dickinson joins the other companies that have made the leap to AR solutions, and are a testament to the success of xAssist remote support.

60% higher repair speed

Less travel expenses

More satisfied employees

Involved Partners

Used Hardware

Vuzix M300XL