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With the continuously increasing relevance of e-commerce, logistical challenges for logistics providers are also growing. Environmentally friendly solutions are becoming increasingly interesting, such as delivering to customers by bicycle courier. The SmartHelm research project addresses two central questions - how can courier drivers on cargo bikes be better protected and how can their work be additionally supported?

A smart bicycle helmet as a sensory carrier with eye movement camera, speech support and electroencephalography will help to identify factors that influence the attention and stress of cyclists. In the course of the three-year project, this approach is to examine the topic of attention in road traffic from a new perspective.

Duration | Jan 1 2019 - Oct 31 2022
Project partner | RYTLE, VLBA Universität Oldenburg, CITIPOST Nordwest, City of Oldenburg, Ubimax, CSL Universität Bremen, UVEX
Project sponsor | Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur