Ubimax at The Spark: The German digital award

Ubimax, December 9, 2019

When we speak about the awards we have won with our ground-breaking technology, we often forget that the prize-issuing entities not only drop by in our headquarters and say: “Hey, cool stuff you are doing, here’s an award.” It actually takes a lot of research and preparation. At first, you find the award. The Spark, as one of Germany’s most prestigious digital awards, was on our list for a long time so it was not too hard to find and you know what they say: Third time is a charm. Our application got through and we were chosen as one of ten finalist that were invited to present the solution personally.

Spending a day in Düsseldorf to show what Ubimax is all about

A few email briefings and Skype calls later, the day had come to show the jury what Ubimax Frontline is all about. Having only three minutes time to explain what we are doing and why it is so innovative was quite a challenge but we gladly invested days and nights to prepare the presentation just right to fit everything in and [SPOILER] it paid off.
The first part was focused on the business challenge: Digitization is omnipresent but frontline workers are normally forgotten – Ubimax is here to change that! And how are we doing that? By providing solutions that support frontline workers along the entire industrial value chain in logistics, manufacturing, inspection and remote support. While our frontline solutions enable the workers to get the best out of their work, it also optimizes processes and thus delivers economic benefits to the enterprises.

Scaling big with major benefits using Ubimax Frontline

We closed the presentation by showing off some of our most impressive numbers. That is first and foremost the over 300 of customers that already trust in our solutions. Then, we pointed out some of our large-scale deployments, for example, equipping 100% of the US BMW dealers with smart glasses, more than 400 pickers working with our innovative tech solutions at Coca-Cola HBC, and DHL having established Ubimax xPick as the new standard in logistics globally. And the benefits continue with great numbers: 40% faster inspection at Airbus Helicopters, 17 times less errors for Coca-Cola HBC, fully transparent processes at AGCO Fendt, and of course 100% happier employees, e.g. at Samsung SDS.

Photograph: Marc-Steffen Unger for Handelsblatt

The grand gala evening: Receiving the award

Just a few days after presenting successfully in Düsseldorf, we got engaged in the preparations for the grand gala in Berlin, where our CEO Hendrik Witt pitched our company idea and ideals to a broader audience. You can watch the full show here as a recorded live event. The Ubimax pitch starts at 30 minutes. And if you skip to 42 minutes, you can see how Hendrik Witt and Leonid Poliakov (VP Business Development) take the stage to accept the award!

Meet us in the afterglow

We are not kidding anybody: Winning an award is awesome! It is basically a celebration of all of the hard work the entire Ubimax family puts in every day to get a step closer to our vision: empowering frontline workers with the tools they need to reach their full potential in an increasingly digitized world. Also, it has its perks to be honored as the only AR company when there were a few of them among the finalists. May we keep The Spark alive for a lot longer!

A big thank you goes out to Handelsblatt and McKinsey Deutschland not only for the amazingly organized event but also for creating a platform to show that German innovation sector is bursting full of young companies that are shaping the industrial landscape of tomorrow.