Ubimax enters partnership with OptiviAR

November 4, 2019

Atlanta, November 4th, 2019: Ubimax and OptiviAR enter into a strategic partnership to facilitate wearable solutions into the health sector. OptiviAR’s expansive background in Life Sciences, in combination with Ubimax’s mature wearable solutions, creates an opportunity for progressive companies to implement technology to elevate their performance and provide differentiating value.

Aaron Bartlone, Co-Founder and President of OptiviAR, states: “We are thrilled to have Ubimax as our software partner. With the Ubimax Frontline solutions, we can create best practices and transformative business efficiencies across a myriad of processes that are heavily dependent on human and data connections. The long-standing experience that Ubimax brings, will allow us to provide unmatched solutions for our customers that transform traditional practices which have remained stagnant for decades.”


Portrait of Aaron Bartlone

Georgia-based OptiviAR is targeting defined applications for wearable technologies across a multitude of business areas in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, veterinary medicine and clinical research organizations. These applications include remote auditing, supply chain security, field services, process safety, and clinical trial monitoring. Through the use of these technologies, Life Sciences companies can connect people and information together in ways that can enable dramatic reductions in travel and business inefficiencies.

Percy Stocker, President of Ubimax Inc., notes: “It is great to see the massive interest for our solutions in almost every business sector. Partnering with OptiviAR gives us a chance to help companies in the Life Science industry to further their digitization efforts and optimize their processes through wearable technology.”


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