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Behind every great vision there is a dedicated team that turns it into reality. As the market leader in wearable computing, Ubimax is of course no different. But who are the people behind the smart glasses and what tasks do they perform every day? We will answer these and more questions in our blog series xTeams.

First, Carly from the marketing team tells us about her daily work in Milwaukee, what you should bring to the team and will even reveal her hidden talent.
In 2018, Carly completed an internship at the Bremen office. She was then offered a full-time position as PR and Marketing Manager for the Americas. Since then, she has been working remotely from her home office in Milwaukee.


Name: Carly Kroll
Age: 29 years
With Ubimax since June 2018
Team: Marketing
Job title: PR and Marketing Manager Americas

This is how I get to work: I work remotely from my home in Milwaukee, WI. After getting up at 5 am, to my little puppy Lina licking me so that I can take her outside, my commute is down the hall to my office.

How is it working from home compared to Bremen and how do you communicate with your co-workers?

I miss my co-workers from Bremen, I loved the office there, and my bike ride to work. Working from home has its benefits, but I miss the social contact you get with being in the office. I tend to start my days early and that allows me more time to have Teams calls, chats and emails with my colleagues on a daily basis.

Why do you like working in this international start-up company at Ubimax?

It is a great way to meet people from around the world, traveling to trade-shows, and meeting my colleagues at different offices. I love the varied perspectives and different styles of handling projects. I feel that I learn a lot about different cultures through diverse mindsets and voices in the company.


  • What’s on my desk: Always a very full planner of checklists, sticky notes and lots of colourful markers. I also have different plants rotating to get sun on my desk.
  • I don’t drink coffee, but I love chai tea.
  • My favorite lunch is … anything my husband makes, he is a professional chef.
  • This is how I like to spend my evening: I like going to live music concerts of local bands and musicians.
  • This must never be missing from my fridge: Cheese!
  • My guilty pleasure is … early 2000’s pop diva music.
  • My hidden talent is … Drag performance. My drag name is Lee Vine.
  • Why I joined Ubimax: I joined Ubimax because I wanted to work in the field of AR, get hands-on experience with hardware and software, and get to write about it!

Strategy, Content, Snacks, and Good Ideas – The Marketing Team

Please tell us a little more about your team.

The marketing team works to promote Ubimax as the go to solution for industry. We strive to position the company as thought leader in the AR enterprise space. I am responsible for editing English content, marketing to US leads, planning US and Mexico events and a variety of other marketing tasks. I wear many hats as the remote worker across the ocean, but my favorite is getting to write a blog article or white paper occasionally.

What should a member bring to the marketing team?

What you should bring as a part of my team, is snacks and good ideas.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the world?

That internal communication is vital for the success of anything, relationships, companies, family. We need to work on having streamlined internal communication between departments and within departments.

Thank you very much Carly for the interview and the fun answers and exciting insights you gave.


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(The interview was conducted by Wiebke Beck)