Innovation Safari into Bremen‘s Überseestadt – of Quickies, Pallets and Smart Glasses

Julia Widmer, December 21, 2017

All roads lead to Ubimax. At least for those five students who visited our Headquarter as part of the workshop “How to run it – Innovation Sprints in Logistics & IT”. The innovation safari was the penultimate stage of the one-day event, designed around a one-hour “quickie” discussing smart innovation challenges.

The innovative format, organized by LogistikLotsen for the Northwest Metropolitan Region, Logistics Amabassadors of VIA BREMEN and the IT and media industry association Bremen digitalmedia, aimed at promoting creative exchange between students and regional companies from logistics and IT. Starting point was Bremen’s creative centre “Digilab”, where the teams received their innovation briefings and later on left for their safaris to different companies. Arriving at Ubimax, the team was visibly impressed by the warm welcome – not to mention the office location and atmosphere.

Testing the Mirosoft HoloLens for the very first time and receiving Mixed Reality guidance on how to load the pallet in front of them, they could hardly be stopped: “I haven’t seen anything this innovative in a while”, says Volodymyr Demchenko. The 21-year-old student from Ukraine is enrolled in Supply Chain Engineering and Management at Jacob’s University in Bremen and knows about the potential of Smart Glasses in logistics. “I have dealt with different Smart Glasses during my studies and was thus especially excited to meet Ubimax, the leading expert in the field of Augmented Reality and Wearable Computing solutions.”

Within the next 60 minutes, heated discussions arose on how to most efficiently load a pallet with the help of Smart Glasses. The built-in difficulty factor: potential last-minute changes in the order resulting in the reorganization of the package set up. “This is one of the challenges in logistics”, says Leonid Poliakov, Vice President of Customer Success at Ubimax. “Loading a pallet efficiently often requires years of experience and errors may result in delays within the entire supply chain.“ Already today, pallet loading processes can be visualized on Smart Glasses using complex algorithms. Thanks to spatial positioning and Mixed Reality Elements of the Microsoft HoloLens, logistic workers are able to efficiently load pallets according to intuitive instructions within their direct field of view. Incorporating live order adjustments now is the next step in smart logistics.

Next to the discussion, the development of solution approaches was marked on the agenda. Once the time was up, the students presented their results back at the Digilab. Julia Widmer and Leonid Poliakov supervised the workshop at Ubimax and enjoyed the creative format:


Promoting young talents plays a major role here at Ubimax. We are delighted about the enthusiastic faces of our students and the creative exchange that our innovation challenge unleashed.


Our conclusion: More quickies in logistics and IT!