Launching the Ubimax Blog – Something new on the PR Agenda

Friederike Truthe, July 26, 2017

Today, we are introducing the Ubimax Blog. While Ubimax is usually known for its highly innovative wearable computing solutions revolutionizing industries around the globe there’s still more completing the Ubimax puzzle.

The cherry on top

You will find first-hand information on the Ubimax Frontline solutions, nice-to-know hacks of our products, hardware trivia as well as detailed insights into the everyday life at Ubimax which shapes our company just as much. We want to share a plus of information adding to the common content on our website. Next to press releases, press reviews, our own publications, the blog serves as highly updated newsfeed and addresses all those interested in the cherry on top. Whether it’s new trends in AR research or current Ubimax projects as well as the daily grinds of our Ubimax offices. To future employees the blog, at the same time, acts as a more coherent picture of Ubimax as workspace.

We’re kicking it off with a post by our CEO Hendrik, giving you an impression of how he has experienced the evolution of Wearables and AR technologies.

We will keep you posted on what leaves us proud, what leaves us busy and how we Wear IT at Work!