Supply Chain Day 2020 at Ubimax HQ

2020-04-16 - 2020-04-16
10:00 - 15:00
Hoerneckestraße 25-31
28217 Bremen
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Industry 4.0 to touch - Augmented Intelligence and Reality in practical use

Once again, Ubimax opens its doors for the Supply Chain Day. This year, the event takes place on April 16th 2020! Under the title 'Industry 4.0 to touch - Augmented Intelligence and Reality in practical use' you can experience live on site how logistics processes are already being optimized today with smart glasses and other wearables. The approximately one-hour workshops will be introduced with a keynote speech. Find out how Ubimax customers use the new technology productively. In a question and answer session you can ask the experts questions about augmented reality in the industry. During the subsequent demonstration of the solutions you will have the chance to try out the smart helpers yourself and become a logistics expert in no time at all.

For the logistics application area, the focus will be on the most established pick-by-vision solution in the world, xPick. It enables the display of relevant information in the immediate field of vision of the picker, various input options such as speech-to-text, and automatic image recognition. xPick is optimally complemented by xBand, a RFID-based and wrist-worn confirmation device, developed and patented by Ubimax. The automatic removal and deposit recognition through the multi-sensor wristband enables faster, error-free, and at the same time more ergonomic working without time-consuming additional processes such as scanning, manual verification or voice-based check digit confirmation. The efficient combination of the two wearables has already been proven in productive use at Schnellecke Logistics in Wolfsburg and Leipzig, among others, as well as in the warehouse system of the agricultural machinery manufacturer Fendt.

In the workshops, we invite you to test various hardware such as the Glass Enterprise Edition 2, the Vuzix M400, and the xBand for order picking, but also in other application areas such as remote maintenance, inspection, and manufacturing. Experience the fourth industrial revolution live on site at Ubimax!

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