Tag der Logistik: April 11, 2019


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Companies from all over Germany provide insights into the world of logistics.

Also this year Ubimax opens its doors to the international logistics day on April 11, 2019! Under the title 'Industry 4.0 hands-on - Augmented Intelligence and Reality in practical use' you can experience live on site how logistic processes are already optimized today with smart glasses and other wearables.

What does Ubimax offer?

In about one-hour workshops you will learn how Ubimax customers use augmented reality and wearables productively. In a question and answer session you can pose questions to the experts. During the following demonstration of the solutions, you will have the chance to try out the smart helpers and become a logistics expert in no time at all.

Information to participate

The participation is free of charge. You can sign up through a form on the webiste of BVL.