Ubimax and Schnellecke Logistics win Automotive Logistics Award 2018

Julia Widmer, June 25, 2018

Ringing in the Automotive Logistics Europe Conference in Bonn, the Automotive Logistics Awards ceremony celebrated excellence and innovation across the supply chain. The expert jury announced Ubimax and its long-standing customer Schnellecke Logistics as winners in the category “Collaboration in Logistics”, honoring the successful implementation of Ubimax’s Vision Picking solution xPick at Schnellecke’s plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. Based on the full integration of the Augmented Reality solution xPick and modern smart glasses into internal sequencing processes, the Volkswagen and Porsche supplier has realized a performance increase of 22% while cutting down process errors to zero.

Bremen, June 25, 2018: Ubimax, the leading supplier for enterprise wearable computing solutions, is proud to receive the inaugural Automotive Logistics Award of 2018. The new initiative by the European Automotive Logistics Industry honored the joint work of Ubimax and its customer Schnellecke Logistics elevating the project’s overall innovation degree, logistic performance, results achieved as well as cost and efficiency improvements along Schnellecke’s supply chain. The Automotive Logistics Europe Conference represents a who is who of the European automotive logistics industry alongside respected consultants, academics and further industry figureheads.

Amidst industry 4.0, traditional approaches across industrial supply chains are under transformation. As early adopter, Schnellecke Logistics has identified the logistics and manufacturing potential of wearable computing and augmented reality already in 2015 and has since build on continuous innovation in collaboration with Ubimax. At the Wolfsburg plant, the globally leading, automotive logistics service provider produces different modules for Golf, Touran and Tiguan models and delivers just in time/just in sequence to the lineside of Volkswagen Wolfsburg.

Within a three-month timeframe, Ubimax in cooperation with Schnellecke Logistics developed, implemented and integrated the Vision Picking solution xPick into Schnellecke processes. “Glass Enterprise Edition” by Google affiliate X, as well as the multisensory RFID confirmation device xBand and Socket Mobile Barcode Scanners now support hands-free multi-order picking of heavy car components, replacing previously used unwieldy and error-prone hand scanners. Order information displayed on the smart glass or tablets and immediate error control minimized picking flaws down to zero while speeding up overall processes by 22%. Today, Schnellecke has scaled xPick at several other global plants, amongst them Glauchau, Leipzig and Silao, Mexico.

“Continuous innovation is one of the cornerstones of our business. Investments are necessary in order to identify, evaluate and implement new approaches. Ubimax’s xPick solution has taken our internal logistics that one crucial step ahead – not just within the market, but also amongst the Automotive Award finalists of 2018 – what a great achievement. Through the use of these intelligent solutions, we have achieved the successful and error-free implementation of the ”Multi-Order-Picking“ approach”, states Dr. Abaid Goda, Senior Manager IT-Operations at Schnellecke Logistics. Dr. Hendrik Witt, CEO at Ubimax adds: “It feels very good and reassuring at the same time to be recognized for what we passionately work for every day – bringing real innovation to our customers around the globe. We are proud to call us this year’s Automotive Logistics Award winner and even more so to share the stage with our long-standing customer Schnellecke Logistics”.