Smart Helpers - Opel is testing Ubimax Frontline solutions xPick, xMake and xAssist

2016 Automotive Europe

The trend to rely on smart technologies to make work processes more efficient is an important concern for Opel. By using Ubimax's Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality solutions, Ubimax offers the automobile manufacturer a clear improvement in sequencing processes. Opel uses the Ubimax Frontline solutions xPick, xMake and xAssist on two picking zones of the production of the Corsas and Adams.

Through the visualization directly into the workers' field of vision, xPick enables context information to be permanently visible and thus contributes significantly to increasing picking efficiency. The step-by-step instructions of the xMake solution replace paper-based work instructions, leaving employees with both hands free for their actual tasks. The remote support solution xAssist is complementarily used for quality control during the running process.


Involved Partners

Used Hardware

Glass Enterprise Edition
Vuzix M300XL
DAQRI Smart Helmet
Microsoft HoloLens
Zebra Scanner
Socket Mobile Scanner
Voxter Scan
Asus Zenwatch
Sony Smartwatch
Ubimax xBand