High Speed Sequencing with Zero Errors with Ubimax Vision Picking Solution xPick

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Initial Situation

At their Wolfsburg plant, Schnellecke’s focus lies on module assembly and line-feed for the automotive industry.

By offering Just-In-Time (JIT) as well as Just-In-Sequence (JIS) services to their customers, the processes are highly dependent on optimized, error-free operations. Conventional single-order-picking with handheld scanner often led to a higher error rate and delays within the intertwined assembly processes.
Open for innovative technology solutions Schnellecke Logistics decided it was time to improve…

Schnellecke implements new technologies and innovations where they are needed! With Ubimax we found a perfect partner for our Wearable Computing projects around the globe!

Dr. Abaid Goda, Senior Manager IT-Operations

Business Challenge

Both, speed and quality of the picking & sequencing processes for VW Touran and VW Tiguan headliners needed to be enhanced by making the process faster and by reducing the error rate, in order to guarantee a seamless line-feed to Volkswagen.

Also the ergonomic factor was in focus and needed to be considered. Schnellecke workers need both of their hands to handle the often heavy car components. The optimal solution should be hands-free.

Ubimax Solution

Within three months Ubimax developed and implemented the hands-free Vision Picking solution xPick in Wolfsburg, covering several processes including multi-order picking and final assembly. xPick has been fully integrated into the Schnellecke IT infrastructure via a bi-directional interface to the Schnellecke JIT system SJS.

Google Glasses (with intuitive graphical User Interface) are used in combination with the Ubimax xBand (multi-sensor RFID wristband) as well as Socket Mobile Barcode Scanners (for barcode scanning) allowing for hands-free working along the entire process chain.

The confirmation of picking steps is done with xBand – eliminating the time-consuming scanning process completely. A great business benefit when you have to assembly more than 1.200 headliners every day!

Convincing Benefits

The introduction of the Ubimax hands-free Vision Picking solution xPick, supporting multi-order picking, resulted in a significant performance increase for the picking process. The process quality was improved reducing the error rate down to almost zero.

Besides the process speed and the error rate, the ergonomics could be improved significantly by introducing the hands-free working where it is really needed. The implementation of the Ubimax solution also favors a shorter training time for new employees as well as a more flexible employee deployment.

25% Speed Increase

Zero Errors

100% Satisfied Workers

Involved Partners

Used Hardware

Glass Enterprise Edition
Socket Mobile Scanner
Ubimax xBand