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All new in summer… Since August, Ubimax is part of TeamViewer. What does this mean for anyone interested in working at Ubimax? To be honest: lots of new possibilities! We continue to focus on developing software solutions for the frontline workforce in industries around the globe. In our blog series xTeams, we therefore try to showcase the people behind those smart glasses, how their everyday lives look like, and what makes them light up.

Coffee as a must-have on the desk, developing new features and fixing bugs – read what Sebastian from the Client team particularly likes about his work and why he sometimes needs a stress ball.

  • Name: Sebastian Hellmann
  • Age: 27 years
  • Team: Client
  • Job title: Software Engineer
  • Number of direct colleagues (that I like): two (two)
  • I get up in the morning at 7:30 a.m.
  • This is how I get to work: by bike, as often as possible
  • I drink my coffee… black.
  • My favorite lunch is… pizza!
  • This must never be missing from my fridge: Ketchup
  • How I like to spend my evening: by pursuing my hobby – competitive dancing
  • Why I joined Ubimax: Here there is reasonable software development combined with cutting-edge technology.
  • Working at Ubimax… is fun.

STRetching Between New Features and the hunt for new Solutions

What tasks do you work on?

There are two fields of work I deal with most often. On the one hand there is developing new features. I think about how to solve the respective problem, whether this is even feasible with the programming language and how I can implement it in a way that other people can as well understand and fix it if necessary. I often discuss this with colleagues. On the other hand, there is the actual bug fixing. Either the error is found quickly, or one goes on a long and desperate search because it neither appears in the logs nor is it reproducible.

And what do you like best about your work?

The independent working and thinking, and that there is always something new due to the varied and demanding customer projects.

The Latest Technology, Stress Balls and AR – the Client Team

The Client team develops the software for mobile devices. The members themselves do a lot of testing on the devices, sometimes server or web development is also included. There are interfaces with almost all other teams.

What is particularly exiting about working in this field is directly getting in contact with the latest technology regarding AR.

What should one bring as part of your team?

Patience, humour, independence, curiosity and sometimes a stress ball.

As a last thing, how do you describe the Client team using three words?

Always something new


Thank you very much Sebastian for showing how exciting your work is thanks to varied projects and the latest technology. So that as many bugs as possible can be fixed quickly.

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