xTeams – Customer Success

Behind every great vision there is a dedicated team that turns it into reality. As the market leader in wearable computing, Ubimax is of course no different. But who are the people behind the smart glasses and what tasks do they perform every day? We will answer these and more questions in our blog series xTeams. 

Together with Rieke we take a closer look at the success of our customers. Enjoy! 


  • Name: Rieke von Bargen 
  • Age: 28 years 
  • With Ubimax since: August 2018 
  • Team: Customer Success, together with Project Engineering and Support, we form the Solution Delivery department. 
  • Job title: Customer Success Manager 
  • Number of direct colleagues (that I like): Six, all of which I like. In addition, there are the colleagues from the complete Solution Delivery department. 
  • usually get up at 7:00 o’clock in the morning. 
  • This is how I get to work: by car, on good days by bike. 
  • I drink my coffee… with a lot of soy milk. 

Organizing your job the way it suits you

Rieke, what does your typical workday look like?

It starts on Monday mornings by planning my week. I structure my week in advance, so that I know when I have slots for which customers. In our internal meeting each Monday, we discuss our topics for the week. Afterwards, it completely depends on what is up. Either you have product trainings, calls with research partners, or weekly jour fixes with specific customers to discuss the state of development of larger projects. Furthermore, there are additional internal meetings about how certain projects are progressing and where we can help from a Project Engineering perspectiveMy tasks also include ordering hardware, discussing new projects or planning kick-offs with sales colleagues.

And what do you particularly like about your work?

Being in touch with customers. If you can actually solve a problem, that is of course nice. But in case one of us is facing a problem, I also value that you can always ask for help at Ubimax. Apart from that, I like the flexibility Ubimax has to offer. You can plan your week to match your rhythm. There are rarely strict rules about what to do on which day, for example. You are free to organize your job the way it suits you and your clients.


  • This must never be missing from my workplace: Snacks! And a lot of Post-its. 
  • This must never be missing from my fridge: A cold green bottle. 
  • How I like to spend my evening: by bringing the workday to a convivial close 
  • Why I joined Ubimax: I wrote my master thesis on Human Computer Interaction with a focus on AR/VR. Because I wanted to work in Bremen, I searched for resident companies offering the above, and found Ubimax. 
  • Working at Ubimax… means for me to get out of my comfort zone more oftenin a positive sense. 

Realistic Goals and Lending an Ear for Customer Success 

Please tell us a little more about the Customer Success team. 

I think we are one of the most networked teams because we have to collaborate with almost every department in some way. We are the voice of the customers and pass on their wishes. Further, we are a motley crew with different levels of technical experience and education. Our teamlead takes this into account and evaluates which project matches our interests, experiences, or fields of study. Apart from that, we speak a variety of languages including Dutch, French, and Russian – in addition to English and German – so we can also offer training in different languagesHowever, the fact that we are this different does not change the fact that we work very well together as a team 

How do you ensure customer success? 

Especially in the major project phases it is important to have a defined process right from the start, to be in regular contact with the customer, and to listen in case there are complaints somewhere or if something is not going well. We simply need to lend an ear to our customers because, after all, they are just people buying something from us. Therefore, it is crucial to create realistic expectations for the customer on what is possible, so they do not get disappointed 

You conduct various training courses for the customers. What are they and how do they work? 

Those are mostly trainings for our Frontline Creator that enable the customers to use the tool and design their own workflows. When training xAssist customers, we show them how to make regular remote calls or conference calls. We usually train picking customers in a roll-out on site. The respective project manager and a member of the Project Engineering team are always present during the roll-outs. In the respective company, there is a supervisor whom we train and who in turn trains his staff, so that afterwards, a certain number of people in the company know the solution as well as the process and can therefore also help each other. 

What should a member bring to your team? 

You should be open for new things and bring spontaneity. It is also important to be able to work by yourself, but also to enjoy teamwork. 


Thank you very much, Rieke! It is exciting to hear how you as a team ensure customer success and help each other. 

You are also open for new things and would like to become part of the Ubimax team? Then please take a look at our current job vacancies  


(The Interview was conducted by Wiebke Beck)