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Behind every great vision there is a dedicated team that turns it into reality. As the market leader in wearable computing, Ubimax is of course no different. But who are the people behind the smart glasses and what tasks do they perform every day? We will answer these and more questions in our blog series xTeams.

Ubimax operates in four different locations in Germany. Julian is a part of the Sales team and is located in our Munich office. Read about why the work of a Key Account Manager is divers and what Sales people should bring to work at Ubimax.

  • Name: Julian Doelfs
  • Alter: 29 Years
  • Working at Ubimax since February 2019
  • Team: Sales
  • Job title: Key Account Manager
  • Number of direct colleagues (that I like): 13 (the whole Sales team)
  • I get up at 7:00 o’clock in the morning.
  • This is how I get to work: by car

No day is like the other working in Sales!

What does your typical workday look like?

There are “office days” where you can plan activities and do some administrative tasks. Most of my time, however, I spend with my customers, either on site or in online conferences. In solution-orientated sales we spend a lot of time with customer-specific problems and try to solve them with our market-leading AR platform Ubimax Frontline. Therefore, I have an exciting and eventful workday, in which no day is like the other. I mainly take care for our internationally operating customers in the EMEA region. The use cases vary from logistics to assembly and inspection to after-sales-service. Always in focus: Enabling enterprises to solve their process-related challenges and generate added value with our solutions.

  • I drink my coffee… black or with milk, depending on how I feel on the day.
  • This must never be missing from my workplace: my likeable colleagues
  • I like to spend my free time outside in nature and in good company.
  • Why I joined Ubimax: I worked in Singapore before and mainly developed market entry strategies for industry 4.0 solutions. During my activities in Asia, I became aware of Ubimax and decided to join this world class team in AR.

The Sales Team

Please, tell us more about your team.

To find the right solution for our customers, we have a high priority to apply direct and practical solutions in sales projects. We are not doing this alone and work closely with our colleagues from Customer Success, Marketing, Administration and Solution Delivery. Thus, we as the Sales team are not isolated but a part of the big picture. Many departments support us and our customers to realize successful projects.

Currently, we are 13 colleagues worldwide, divided into inside sales, account managers, and channel sales. Within the team, we work on constantly growing business with new customers and scaling the use of AR solutions for our existing customer base.

What should you bring to be a part of the Sales team?

In our job it is important, that you have fun facing challenges and overcoming them with technological and industry knowledge, always in collaboration with external stakeholders. For this you need enthusiasm and passion for working with people and technology. The ability to provide enterprises with professional consulting on augmented reality solutions and put them into practice is central.

Last, your team in three words?

Dynamic, professional, enthusiastic

Thank you very much, Julian, for sharing your divers experience in Sales at Ubimax!

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