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Behind every great vision there is a dedicated team that turns it into reality. As the market leader in wearable computing, Ubimax is of course no different. But who are the people behind the smart glasses and what tasks do they perform every day? We will answer these and more questions in our blog series xTeams.

Patience and empathy are two key-attributes for any support task. What kind of know-how is needed to be a part of our support team, knows Rüdiger.

  • Name: Rüdiger Leibrandt
  • Age: 42 Years
  • At Ubimax since September 2016
  • Job title: Support technician
  • I get to work by train and tram, it takes about 1 ½ hours. Therefore, I wake up at 6.20 am.
  • I don’t drink Coffee, but Juice. From pineapple to lemon.
  • For Lunch I like to eat… Chili con carne or noodle soup.

Get in touch with the people at Ubimax

How does your typical working day look like?

First and foremost, I check on customer or colleagues’ tickets. This is a common part of my work which I repeat over the day a few times. After that, I check my e-mails. Sometimes, I do mechanical repairing, organize spare parts, or do some maintenance work. To not bother anyone in the open workspace I like to do this while most of my colleagues are having their lunchbreak and eat my lunch afterwards. In the afternoon I like to do more challenging repairing. When I got enough information through the day, I can figure out software-problems and for example test new workflows.

Why do you like to work at Ubimax?

I have a lot of fun helping people and put myself in their shoes. We look together at the problem and I figure out how to optimize the process. My direct colleague in support and I complement each other well as his focus is on software and mine on hardware. We share a common sense of humor and mindset for service: we are here to help our customers. The best thing at my work is, when I connect to the customer without direct contact. It does not matter what their work titles are or in which position they are in. I learn about the humans behind the companies and help them out.

  • How I like to spend my evening: On my way home, I like to listen to classical music or to read. At home I walk my dog or like to craft something.
  • This must never be missing from my workplace: Drinks and snacks keep my problem solving going. Next to be a part of the Support team I have another task. Currently, I am working on xForks. These are xBands for forklift trucks. When the forklift truck loaded a pallet, a scanner confirms the pallet and helps with assignment.
  • My secret talent is… crafting, for example furniture, electronics, or with wood.
  • Why I joined Ubimax: I came as a hardware engineer, as a UX/UI-analyst and as an interaction engineer and I am specialized in hardware engineering. My task was prototyping for xBands. Since I have successfully finished that task, I work in the support.

With patience, know-how or empathy to problem solving – The Support-Team

Which teams do you work with?

Mainly with Customer Success, for example for server updates. Our focus is communicating with customers, especially when something went wrong, or the customers have special request. The colleagues from Customer Success are responsible for trainings and providing training material. When sales gets in touch with hardware suppliers, I am exchanging information about customer experience with certain hardware.

How do you deal with different requests you get?

When a ticket is submitted, we first identify what it is about. When it concerns broken hardware, we check if it is a warranty case and if we can send it back to the supplier. When it is a problem in understanding the hardware it is often easier to find a solution jointly with the customer. The most difficult problems are software problems, sometimes we need the help of software engineers. The colleagues from Customer Success can organize trainings if needed.

What should somebody bring to be a part of Support-Team?

Patience can be extremely helpful. Empathy can help to understand the customer problems and to figure out a solution. It can be helpful to have a wide range of skills and be able to think interdisciplinarily.

Finally: Your team in a nutshell?

We’ll make it right.


Thanks to Rüdiger for your open ear, and for giving an insight to having a good Support.

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